Leo and Sagittarius

Dynamic, passionate and always looking for opportunities to make the most of every single moment, Leo and Sagittarius are astrologically a perfect match. This exciting match features two similar individuals who get along well and almost effortlessly. As two Fire signs, there are many things they find amusing in each other and their constant need for growth and learning will lead them to an ultimate satisfaction. They will inspire each other to work on bettering themselves on a regular basis without their ego getting in their way, which would definitely be the case if they’re with another sign.

How do Leo and Sagittarius get along in a romantic relationship? Just perfect. The warmth, the passion and the power these two radiate when together is simply incredible. They both get a feeling like they know each other well the minute they meet, as their enthusiasm for life is mirrored in one another. From lively and thrilling conversations to immensely passionate sex, Leo and Sagittarius is undoubtedly one of the best zodiac matches. When they find a way to overcome their differences (and they surely will; it’s just a matter of time), there’s nothing that could stop them. Read on to learn more about the strong Leo and Sagittarius compatibility .

Leo and Sagittarius Love and Romance

Since they are both Fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius have quite similar views on love and romance. Even if they’re not similar, they find it easy to understand each other’s views. This puts them in a position where they can fully celebrate love and enjoy their relationship. These two may not be interested in keeping their fire at home burning, as they would much rather enjoy exciting conversations on the move. Leo and Sagittarius would rather buy takeout from a restaurant than go shopping to fill the fridge, simply because living on the edge runs in their bloodstream. If Sagittarius doesn’t tame their enormous desire to constantly change and move, Leo could get annoyed and decide to part ways.

Leo and Sagittarius Emotional Compatibility

As two individuals who always show and tell how they feel for each other, Leo and Sagittarius are a perfect emotional match. They act on their impulses and show their love via all sorts of random acts, making it impossible to overlook their love. When in conflict or a fight, however, they use too much energy and they can easily exhaust each other. Leo and Sagittarius are utterly emotionally demanding, with Leo being dramatic too and asking for a lot of attention and praise. As honest as Sagittarius is, they will never tell Leo something they don’t think it’s true, and sometimes the right words take time, which is something the impatient Leo won’t like. A little acknowledgment per day will keep Leo in a good mood for days, which in return will give Sagittarius the free time they want to focus on themselves, their growth and simply doing their things.

Leo and Sagittarius Sexual Compatibility

Are Leo and Sagittarius sexually compatible? Yes, they are 100% compatible in sex life. As two Fire signs, these two will never lack passion, energy or initiative to act upon their sexual desires. While Leo usually likes to lead things, they will sometimes need to settle for being led by the Archer, who also have a natural tendency to be in control. Leo and Sagittarius will feel free to be who they are in their sex life, which is the key why it’s going to be their most enjoyable part of their relationship. The adventurous Sagittarius will make love to Leo to places the lion has never dreamed of, or maybe they have, but never tried. With an equally high sex drive, games, role plays and new positions will be standard in the bedroom. If you ask what is the best match for a Leo, you can often hear Sagittarius and it is mainly because of their fiery sexual chemistry, along with their intellectual and emotional.

Leo and Sagittarius Marriage Compatibility

The attraction between Leo and Sagittarius can be everlasting, and that’s no surprise. The natural chemistry these two can develop along with their commitment and dedication to one another is enough material for a successful marriage. The Lion and the Archer both value their freedom and their independence and that will not be a problem as it would with most other signs of the zodiac. To make it work, though, Leo should learn how to share the leadership duties with their Sagittarius partner, while Sagittarius should learn how to think beyond today and be more grounded. Nevertheless, the odds that a Leo and Sagittarius marriage can work are in their favor.

Leo and Sagittarius Trust and Communication

A Leo and Sagittarius friendship turned into a relationship is one with a lot of trust. Even if that’s not the case, these two individuals perfectly understand each other with all their needs and desires, so trusting one another comes naturally. Although Leo wants to be noticed, in the spotlight, and to feel desirable and attractive all the time, Sagittarius is someone who can meet all of their demands and maybe even exceed them. While many zodiac signs would find this something to be jealous about, the confident Sagittarius trusts their partner because they perfectly understand that it’s in their nature to crave such things.

Communication between these two will flow, filled with respect, admiration and understanding. Leo is one of the few that can keep the untameable Sagittarius a bit more collected and focused on the right things. The Archer usually aims higher than they can achieve and they often get lost in their head. This is something that the more grounded Leo can help them with. As they both have a good sense of themselves, they will deepen their intimacy through their openness and willingness to share their journey together. Also, they both have strong and opinionated personalities, so they won’t get threatened by each other. When things get heated, they will spend all of that negative energy in the bedroom, and the conflict will be resolved.

Leo and Sagittarius Shared Values

As Sagittarius has a tendency to constantly try new things, Leo may fall behind and that will not be pleasing for the attention-craving lion. Luckily, these two share a lot of values that will keep them together. Freedom and independence – two important values they must have in their relationships. They also equally value honesty and sincerity. Sagittarius likes to travel and discover places more than any other zodiac sign, and although Leo has the energy and the desire to travel as much and expend their horizons, they don’t like changes as much as Sagittarius, because of their fixed nature.

So, do Leo and Sagittarius go together? It is one of the best astrological matches that is filled with love, passion and warmth.