Leo and Aries

Leo and Aries make a fiery, dynamic and extremely passionate couple. What drives this relationship is fun, passion and adventures. Like a moth to a flame there’s an immediate attraction and understanding between individuals of these two zodiac signs, because of their many personality similarities. However, both Leo and Aries are fire signs and it can be very explosive in many different ways. An Aries-Leo relationship is never dull, because they never run out of energy and they both want to have fun. Furthermore, both Leo and Aries crave attention and can be bossy at times. Unless they find out a way to treat each other properly, these two characteristics can make things messy. Do Leo and Aries go together? The short answer, yes. The long answer, go ahead and read more about the Leo and Aries compatibility .

Leo and Aries Love and Romance

When it comes to the game of love and romance, Leo and Aries share similar views, expectations and goals. Wondering how do Leo and Aries get along ? These two individuals are warm, caring and passionate, and click on physical, mental and emotional level. There is always a lot of action involved in an Leo and Aries friendship as well as in relationship, simply because it’s who they are. Unless their equally large egos get in the way, Leo and Aries share the same determination to succeed with their relationship and in doing so, they are not selfish as stereotypes usually suggest. Nevertheless, sometimes one of them may fail to provide the required tenderness and attention to their partner and that is a huge deal breaker for individuals who crave a lot of attention. However, the energy and passion these two share makes a dynamic and adventurous relationship.

Leo and Aries Emotional Compatibility

There’s no other sign that is more emotionally compatible with Aries than a Leo and vice versa. The emotional nature of these two is very similar and that’s where these two zodiac signs click the most. Leo and Aries do not know of the caring and nurturing kind of love, but rather the warm, passionate, fun, adventurous and creative kind. Understanding their emotional needs can allow these two to work as a great team and build a strong, healthy and lasting relationship. When these two make a compromise to work as a team in their relationship, not like two separate individuals, amazing things happen. Their emotional compatibility will help the Leo and Aries relationship overcome any difficulties, misunderstandings and imperfections that may arise.

Leo and Aries Sexual Compatibility

When Leo and Aries are so easily emotionally compatible, being sexually and intimacy compatible comes naturally for them. They have similar sexual preferences and they both know the importance of strong physical bond in a relationship. These creative fire signs are all about foreplay, role play and various of adventures between the sheets. Also, they are full of energy that will ensure their sexual connection will only grow in time, not fade or weaken as with any other zodiac sign. However, it can be pretty difficult when one of them has ego issues, as it can end up insulting and in time, destroying the ability to be intimate with one another. Since it is very unlikely to happen, Leo and Aries sexual compatibility goes beyond average.

Leo and Aries Marriage Compatibility

While the personality of Aries is ruled by Mars which is characterized as a warrior and protector, Leo’s personality is ruled by the Sun, the most powerful body in the sky. When individuals with these personalities decide to step into the challenge called marriage, it’s difficult to predict any other outcome than a long-lasting marriage. If their basis is rock solid and they do have understanding for each other, their marriage will blossom. Loyalty and honesty are two of the qualities they admire at each other and they both love celebrating love to the fullest. As they are both competitive and high achievers, they should avoid being in the same profession as it could be marriage-destructive. Nevertheless, other zodiac signs cannot compare to the the Leo and Aries marriage compatibility.

Leo and Aries Trust and Communication

Due to the insecurities and trust issues of Aries and the jealousy and possessive tendencies of Leo, an Aries-Leo relationship is bound to have its share of difficulties in trusting each other, especially in the beginning. Thanks to their loyalty and honesty, they can see past through it. They both tend to be as independent as they’d like, which can make the relationship unbalanced at times. It is not going to be a peaceful relationship too, as these two impatient and impulsive zodiac signs can easily get into a fight without a solid reason. Once things are settled, Leo and Aries will acknowledge their respect and love for each other.

While there’s no doubt your conversations will always be full of energy, fun and respect, you might experience some difficulties in seeing things not the way you want to. Making compromises is a vital part of every strong relationships and two partners with huge egos may find it hard. The passionate Leo and Aries will also easily and quickly burst into fights, but the moment they cool down, their relationship is back to normal as if nothing happened.

Leo and Aries Shared Values

As aforementioned, Leo and Aries love when people are honest, sincere and loyal. They both have these qualities in vast amounts and, needless to say, they would prefer a partner who values them just as much as them. Even though these two are bound to disagree quite often, Aries can’t hold a grudge and they easily move past opinion differences. Leo’s bossy nature can make things pretty rough in an Aries-Leo relationship, but since they’re both loyal, genuinely care about each other and if they conclude there’s no need for a boss into their relationship, this relationship can be flawless and end up in a marriage. In their most difficult times, thanks to their incredibly powerful respect and adoration for each other’s values and personalities, Leo and Aries can overcome literally anything. So if you were to ask what is the best match for an Aries , the answer is definitely Leo.