Knight of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

By Charrette Vachon

The Knight of Swords is always in action. This tarot card is a reminder that you need to take action and be brave in the pursuit of everything you need. It urges you to be ready to compromise when circumstances demand that you do so and hold on to the opinions that you think matter to you. If you draw this card, get ready to fight for everything you believe in whenever it is required of you.

  • Element: Air
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra, Aquarius, Gemini
  • Birth Dates: May 11 to June 10

Tarot Card Visuals and their Symbolism

The card has an image of a knight riding his white horse at neck-breaking speeds. He has his sword raised as he charges toward battle, ready to attack. The knight has on a polished silver armor that reflects the rays of the sun as he rides to the battle; he is against the wind, trees, and other forces of nature that make the journey forward a challenge. However, he moves forward nonetheless.

These visuals are a symbolism of the strength and determination that the Knight of Swords has to embody to emerge victorious. In this card, the knight is a powerhouse, one that can be relied on to bring victory home. He is unstoppable and will quash anything that dares to block his path. As he journeys towards victory, he has to deal with several elements and odds that stand in the way until he wins the battle.

The Knight of Swords has to face several enemies. He doesn’t have the chance to make a retreat, and the only way out is through victory.

The Knight of Swords Personality

The Knight of Swords takes every opportunity by the horns. This is a person who is ready to make strong decisions about every situation. He is ready to take on leadership positions and hold on to power even when there are challenging decisions to be made.

If you draw this card, you have the power to lead people, but you have to take your time making decisions and deliberations. When you do so, you will achieve the attention and respect of those around you. Your charm and ability to make decisions fast will make you a social being, and you have to take advantage of that.

You are not humble – you have so much confidence in your ability to lead people and be the hero wherever you go.

The Upright Knight of Swords

The Knight of Swords is ready to win – the end justifies the means. This is a good thing, but in some instances, it can be a curse. You have the ability to sacrifice everything until you hit your goal. However, the cost of that can be high.

When the cost is higher than you planned, the joy of the victory will be short-lived. You need to know that there is a way to achieve your goals without losing yourself. You will need to be lucky even as you create strategies to work towards your goals.

Love and Relationships

People will come into your life as others leave. The card symbolizes movement. If you are single, someone will be coming into your life – which is a good thing. If you have a partner, they might be on their way out of the relationship.

Those who are single are lucky as someone might locate them soon. However, finding a partner might require that you go out of your way and adopt a new hobby, but in most cases, this person will be drawn by your charm and quick wit. Because of your charm, this person will likely make the first move.

If you have a partner, you are likely not giving the partner the attention they deserve. You focus so much on achieving your goals, whatever the cost, and you leave them feeling neglected. You have to spare time for the relationship to keep the love going. You have to show your partner that they matter.

  • Career

If you draw the Knight of Swords, it is a good sign – your career is about to take a whole direction. You need to stay bold and push your goals. You need to be ready for challenges, but face them like a warrior, and your efforts will be rewarded.

You will come across colleagues and friends who will try to convince you against taking on some risky moves. However, you need to hold on to your goals and forge forward. It is through these risks that you will achieve your goals.

  • Money

You will have several opportunities in the near future. You have a chance to invest in one of several ideas that will bring you great financial success. You have a bold attitude that will give you great victories beyond your imagination. With your boldness, be ready to spot some opportunities that a more timid person would overlook.

  • Health

Take time to create a diet and exercise regimen. You need to maintain your physical health so that you can avoid any complications in the future. With determination and a winning attitude, you can create a plan that works for you.

The Reverse Knight of Swords

The reverse Knight of Swords has the same energy, goal-orientation, and charm, but they lack focus. You have unclear goals, you do not create plans, and all that energy goes to waste. You will work, but you will not achieve much after investing your time and resources. You are impatient, and that further affects your focus towards your goals.

  • Love and Relationships

You have no direction, and your partner can see that. Your lack of focus will leave your partner frustrated, but you still have the charm. You may not be heading for a breakup in the near future, but you need to work with your partner to make everything work. Create a path that will help the two of you find success in everything you do.

For single people, the card says more about the potential partners than it does about the person who draws the card. The people you are interested in are impulsive – they do not have the control needed to build a successful relationship. As such, you need to take on new relationships with caution.

  • Career

You have a strong desire to impress those around you. To do that, you have taken on more than you can handle that is derailing every small goal that you may have had. You will fail in many of the projects that you have taken on. Instead of taking on several projects without focus, you need to take on one project and focus on it. This way, you will not spread yourself too thin to achieve your goals.

Your leaders and mentors will likely see where you fail and not your determination to achieve success. Take time to re-evaluate your projects. Come up with a strategy that prioritizes the most important and achievable projects.

  • Money

There is negativity building up around you. This will come in the form of robbery – it can be something as simple as pickpocketing or as massive as an investment gone wrong. Be ready for anything, but get an insurance policy that protects you. You can avoid losses with a good plan.

  • Health

Your health is in tip-top condition. However, you will soon face a health-related issue. Please schedule an appointment with a doctor soon for a checkup to detect any health conditions before they become serious.

Health issues do not have to be physical. You are experiencing stress, and that is affecting your mental health, making it challenging to focus on your goals. Take time to relax and re-evaluate everything you have been through in the past few months. If you commit so much to achieving your goals without a plan, not only will your projects suffer, but that will also take a toll on your mental health. Relax.

The Knight of Swords Past, Present, and Future

In the past, you have a strong desire to change things up. You will soon find yourself in very new environments to satiate that tension building up and urging you to change. Start making plans that will help you in the future, but do not share these plans with everyone around you. Those around you might think that your goals and ambitions are a tad too wild, but you have the power and ability to meet them. Forge forward alone and see where the course takes you.

Currently, drawing this card is a sign that you need to focus more on your goals. Your focus on your goals is thinning. In your pursuit of your goals, you have created a narrow path that doesn’t allow you to see everything in your life as it should be. You have worked hard in the past, and as you approach your success, you have to be keen not to lose everything you have been working towards. While marching towards your success, you may have stepped on a few toes – make amends before it is too late. You have also dedicated so many hours to your work, which has affected your health – it is time to address everything you have neglected in the past.

For the future, the card is a warning that your interpersonal relationships will lead to changes beyond your imagination. Your worldview is about to change when someone close to you challenges your actions. You might have a friend abandoning you just when you need them or your business partner making deals behind your back. Whatever you are about to go through, you have to be ready for it. Betrayal and broken trust are about to come your way, but you can handle them amicably.

Knight of Swords Card Combinations 

The Knight of Swords combines energy and ambition. When you combine these character traits with other cards, the positive energy gets focus.

Knight of Swords Combined with Page of Cups 

The Page of Cups is a sign that time is right to explore all the opportunities that the world has to offer. When you combine this card with the Knight of Swords, it is a good sign for your love life. These cards are a sign that someone you like already has a crush on you and will soon make a move. The time is ripe to pursue your romantic desires.

Knight of Swords Combined with Knight of Pentacles 

These two cards are a sign of hard work and determination. When you combine them, you have a more productive card that allows you to pursue your wildest dreams. However, they are also a warning that some of your risky moves will lead to loss of money. Something is about to come into your life and set you back financially – it can be a bill or a car repair. It would help if you were prepared for a financial challenge.

Knight of Swords Combined with King of Sword 

Knight of Swords is a representation of unbridled focus and mental clarity. When you combine these two cards, you get the ambition of the Knight and the focus of the King. Your hard work will finally pay off, and you are about to see the world in a different light. You need to be mindful of the well-being of everyone around you as you work towards your goals.

Knight of Swords Combined with Knight of Wands

These two knights are a representation of energy and determination to achieve goals. The Knight of Wands is impulsive, but when you combine the two cards, you get clarity on your goals with creative work. You will find focus on your life goals, from music, film, or art. These artistic works will inspire your next project.

Knight of Swords: Good for You?

The Knight of Swords has energy and is willing to do anything to meet their goals. However, most of that energy is not focused, and proceeding forward can be challenging for them. The fact that they need to move at very high speeds to meet their goals is not advisable. However, with a little focus, you can make the personality work for you.