Knight of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

By Charrette Vachon

When the Knight of Cups appears in your spread, it shows one who has integrity, an honorable character, cordial and diplomatic. It also indicates a capacity for warmth, compassion, “grace under pressure”, and a tendency towards cooperation rather than competition. Like all of the court cards, the Knight of Cups most likely corresponds to someone in your personal life; in this case, probably an especially supportive individual close to you whose presence shall somehow prove most fortunate.

  • Element: Water
  • Planet: Neptune
  • Astrological sign: Pisces
  • Key dates: February 9 to March 10

Visual Elements and Symbolism

This card portrays a steadfast and gallant young knight atop a white horse, bearing a golden goblet and having the likeness of a courier of some sort, perhaps on his way to deliver news of an amorous nature. His cloak is embellished with fishes, swimming in spirit, and his helmet’s wings fly to freedom. The calm gait of the steed, as opposed to a roaring gallop, imbues a sense of peace into the scene. Horses in general symbolize willpower and vigor, while the color white represents spiritual purity and the divine. The rushing stream they cross is flowing time, memory, and emotion.

The Knight of Cups as a Person

This person is someone who is called to create, who possesses a tenderly sensitive soul, and who feels the most genuine expression of their inner world to be through artistic endeavors, whether musical, literary, plastic, or visual. True romantics, they seek meaning everywhere and find inspiration ubiquitous. Charisma and personal magnetism serve them well, especially if they earn a living through the arts, as is likely. They know how to get what they want. They also tend to have a rather libidinous nature, on the verge of insatiable. You may cross paths with this person during travel or a journey of some sort.

The Knight of Cups Upright

The Knight of Cups found upright in a spread conveys a change in your condition for the better, along with increased opportunities for growth and progression. Fortunate circumstances are aligning to direct you to continue along your current path and quicken your pace. Since this can be quite jarring, the best course of action to ensure stability is to remain loyal to your ideals while trusting your inner judgment. Rest assured that you have internal resources that you can rely on to help you move forward. Don’t doubt yourself, and just be true to who you are, without masking it. You are making your way.

Love and Relationships

If you’ve been contemplating taking the first step toward approaching a romantic prospect, the time is now. Draw on your courage and resolve to take a step forward. You may very well come to regret allowing inertia to hold you prisoner. Rejection can be a valuable lesson in and of itself, so don’t let the possibility of failure keep you from leaving your comfort zone. Even if things end on a sour note, you will hopefully have grown from the experience. However, if you find yourself in a relationship already, you may need to do some soul-searching to find out if there are any current issues that need to be dealt with. Compromise is the best course of action. You are more than capable of the resolve and lucidity needed to make any necessary changes for the sake of you both.


It is distinctly possible that you are being considered for advancement within your company, which would have a significantly beneficial effect on the entirety of your life. If you are someone who creates art, whether professionally or as an amateur, this card can foretell the end of an incubation period and the emergence of an interval of intensified output. Begin your magnum opus now.


If the Knight of Cups should appear in a reading pertaining to matters of money, you should definitely feel encouraged that you may receive a boon soon. Expect an increase in your salary and a promotion at your place of employment, and entertain thoughts of winning the lottery, because it is certainly possible. Allow your intuition to guide you in all financial matters at this time.


When it comes to your health, having this card appear in your spread can be a fantastic omen. Don’t be anxious about receiving frightening test results or some other kind of bad news from your doctor. You’re most likely just fine and will carry your wellness into the foreseeable future.

The Knight of Cups Reversed

If it appears reversed, the Knight of Cups warns you to stay vigilant. Refrain from entering into any serious commitments without cautious deliberation beforehand. Look before you leap, and don’t take anything for granted. Beware.

Love and Relationships

For a reading concerning matters of the heart, this card reversed holds ill portents for your relationship, sometimes signifying a bitter ending to a once pleasant romance. Your partner may be engaged in an affair, or possibly be questioning their sexuality and subsequently their attraction, or lack of, to you. On the other hand, it could be the case that you find yourself becoming disillusioned with someone who is becoming a different person from whom you first fell in love with. This is can be a sort of dying to each other. If you are single, you may have been wantonly lascivious in the past in an attempt to find a partner who can fulfill your physical and emotional needs. That kind of behavior has not proven helpful or successful, and that will hold true in the future. Also, the Knight of Cups has traditionally symbolized homosexuality, and may imply a foray into a new, different lifestyle.


This card reversed can presage a dreadful turn of events in your career. It shows missed chances, lost opportunities, and the sour results of procrastination and analysis paralysis. Don’t hold your breath waiting for a job offer or acceptance letter, as the Knight of Cups reversed denies that. When making important and far-reaching business decisions, it would be prudent to make sure you are diligent and pay close attention to and are thoroughly informed of the details, so as to prevent becoming the victim of fraud or other dishonesty. If you are unhappy in your current position due to a lack of possibility for creative expression, perhaps wait for at least six months before deciding to pursue other options.


You could be dismayed to learn that a windfall you’ve been awaiting may have been delayed, perhaps indefinitely, or otherwise complicated in some way, causing you to worry that you may not receive your compensation ever, let alone in a timely manner. In addition, it suggests that it may be time to pull your head out of the sand regarding your financial woes and debt. Don’t be overwhelmed, and get help from a professional before it gets worse.


You or someone in your inner circle has been struggling with substance abuse and the consequential deleterious health effects. This lifestyle can be deceptively noxious both physically and mentally. Moderation is key, so slow down. It would be advisable to seek care from a doctor and have blood work done.

Your Past, Present, and Future

When it signifies the past, the Knight of Cups corresponds to the unique perspective you possess as the result of your numerous intellectual endeavors. Your self-confidence, patience, and endurance have increased your social standing, even in the eyes of those who doubt your problem-solving abilities. Regarding the present, it indicates the invitation to an elite event and the formation of important and influential new associations there. When signifying the future, the Knight of Cups urges you to have faith that your long-term goals will be best served by maintaining your concentration on the short term. Don’t worry about the details of your strategy. You may be on the cusp of a profound and life-long new friendship.

Important Card Combinations

The four Knight cards all symbolize a harbinger of change in your reality, with the Knight of Cups being a herald of exceptionally good and exciting things to come.

Knight of Cups and Page of Wands

The Page of Wands stands for an enthusiastic and lively individual. These together signal an increase in the amount of sensual attention you receive from others.

Knight of Cups and Hanged Man

Although the imagery is seen by some as gruesome, the Hanged Man is not inevitably a bad omen. This combination implies the initiation of an innovative development in your undertaking.

Knight of Cups and Chariot

In most any spread, the Chariot is seen as a positive sign. These two may point towards the commencement of a new love affair or the evolution of your already established partnership.

Knight of Cups and Seven of Swords

This pair shows doubtfulness concerning the loyalty of your partner in a committed relationship.

Final Word

Due to the Knight of Cups’ association with good news and opportunity, he affirms most queries and is an advantageous card in general. The answer to your question is yes.