King of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

By Charrette Vachon

The King of Wands is a symbol of everything a king is. It shows unbridled optimism, an appetite for risk, and kindness. It is a card for leaders, people who exhibit a fiery personality in everything they do, and those that can be compared to whatever a lion symbolizes in the jungle. Read on to learn more about the King of Wands in relation to your love life, career, and money.

  • King of Wands
  • Element: Fire
  • Astrological Sign: Leo
  • Planet: Mars
  • Date of Birth: Between July 12 and August 11

The Visual Elements and their Meaning

The King of Wands has a picture of a king on a throne. He holds a long staff in his hands, a staff that has sprouts along its length, symbolizing the resilience of life to exist anywhere and in any form. On his throne are images of salamanders and lions. The lion has its tail all out as a symbol of power and strength. The salamander symbolizes fire and the continuity of life to infinity, as shown by how it bites its tail.

The king wears a crown with a flame shape further bringing out the element of fire. His bright orange robe is also a symbol of fiery determination.

The King of Wands as a Personality

If you draw the King of Wands from a Rider-Waite deck, it shows that you are a leader – you have the qualities of a king. People who draw this card are natural-born leaders who show optimism, confidence, and determination towards following their goals.

People with this personality will fight for what they believe they deserve, their goals, and their beliefs. They have a natural drive, inborn friendliness, and confidence that makes them hold on to whatever they believe in. People with this personality are persuasive, and they take advantage of this quality to help those around them become better versions of themselves.

The Upright King of Wands

If you draw the upright King of Wands in a personality reading, you have the personality of a goal-driven individual with so much bold energy to follow through with every belief. For such people, success is on the horizon, and as long as they can see it or believe it, they can pursue it. The Upright King of Wands is more controlled and focused. You love following clear paths to your goals in love and relationships, finances, and career. You love order, and you pursue leadership positions with clear goals in mind.

  • Love and Relationships

For the King of Wands personality, love and relationships are based on emotional maturity. Your relationships will progress to a whole new level based on emotional maturity. Partners of the same personality respect each others’ goals and the independence to follow the said goals.

For you, it can be overwhelming to let go of your love for someone else. As such, communication must be at the center of everything you do to keep the relationship intact as you work on your goals.

If you draw this card when you are single, you probably enjoy the freedom that comes with single life. You do not have to rush into relationships, as you may still have goals and dreams to pursue. When you are ready, the right person will be there waiting for you.

  • Career

You are born a leader with a natural talent to help you grow in your career. However, it would help if you learned from the more experienced people in your line of work. Seek mentorship from your seniors and take your time to learn. If you are looking for a promotion or you eye a leadership position, the best strategy is to allow those above you to help you learn. Your optimism will take you places, but only if you learn the ropes of the trade from those who have been before you.

  • Money

The King of Wands’s personality attracts money. When you draw this card, it shows that you have a good omen for finances, and you are about to come to a financial windfall, or your efforts are about to pay off. However, you have to be mindful of your spending to see your finances get better every day. You have the drive to work towards your goals, which is a plus for your financial success.

  • Health

Your health condition is fairly good. However, you need to listen to your body more so you do not end up overdoing exercise and diet. You need to know what the body needs and give it that.

You have been seeking to improve your wellness through professional advice. You can get help from a friend, a personal trainer, or an experienced dietician. Wherever your help comes from, it will help you greatly in improving your health.

The Reversed King of Wands

The King of Wands reversed tarot card symbolizes all the positive qualities of this personality, but to the extremes. Instead of being a good leader with goals and dreams, the card symbolizes an aggressive leader with unrealistic goals and expectations. These qualities lead to bad leadership and poor decision-making.

  • Love and Relationships

The reversed King of Wands is so absorbed in following their goals and aspirations that they fear committing to a partner. Their relationships may be marred with distrust and fear of the future. Your partner seems to have a problem communicating their plans for the future, and they also seem dishonest. All these feelings might be stemming from an earlier conflict that was never resolved.

To find peace, decide if this is the relationship you want going into the future. If you wish to continue with the relationship, talk to your partner about your fear.

If you are not in a relationship, you have a hard time getting someone who commits to you. Most of your relationships end with people ghosting you or saying they need to be alone for some time. Instead of trying to convince them to be with you, let your confidence and drive draw them to you.

  • Career

You handle your workmates with arrogance and a dominating attitude. Your workers do not have their dues, and they feel disrespected. When you bring out your arrogance, you create a hostile working environment for your coworkers.

It would help if you let others help you with some of the tasks at work. You have good intentions, and you only want the best for your career, but there are several ways to achieve your goals without being selfish and arrogant. If you are in a position of leadership, be sure there is clear communication so that you do not come out as arrogant whenever you address them.

  • Money

Like in your leadership goals, you have unrealistic money goals. On most days, you are hoping for a financial windfall that wipes out all your problems, but that is not going to happen any time soon. Earning money and meeting your goals will start when you are more proactive and use your skills to bring projects to life.

  • Health

You recently made some changes in your health and wellness routine after receiving bad health advice from someone you trust. You need to slow down and observe how your body is responding to any changes you have made in your routine. There is a chance that the advice you received is not for your body, and you need to re-evaluate it before you go so far that you may never come back.

The King of Wands Spreads: Your Past, Present, and Future

If you draw this card, all the ideas you have been having in your head are finally coming to life. For a long time, you have not been ready to take the first step to make your plans work. You have had some fears holding you back, and you dreaded taking those big steps. But now, you are ready to do whatever is needed to realize everything you have always wanted. You have the knowledge and skills needed to bring your plans to fruition.

In the present, the King of Wands urges you to keep on persevering and continue following your goals. You have challenges that seem to be blocking every path sometimes, but these should not distract you from following your dreams and goals until you find success. If it feels strange that you have been following a goal for some time without any results, you need to talk to other people who have been on the same route as you. This will help you learn what you need to change and will also motivate you to keep following your dreams.

In the future position, the King of Wands tells you that you need to take the risks that you have been fearing as these will pay off in the future. You will find the success you crave in the future in your career and finances, and relationships. You have the courage and the will to take huge risks, and although it will be tough, these will pay off. You need to keep learning and following your aspirations and your goals, and everything will come together in the end.

King of Wands Combinations with Other Cards

The King of Wands symbolizes unbridled optimism and a sense of leadership. However, determination and positivity can be altered when the card is drawn together with other cards.

King of Wands Combined with Page of Wands

The Page of Wands is a card that symbolizes youthful energy. Whenever it combines with any other cards, it adds feelings of youth to the personality. If you pick it in combination with the King of Wands, the card will make your ideas seem fresh and life-changing. You will have the youthful energy to push through every goal you have. If you draw these two cards, it is an indication that you currently have the energy you need to follow through with your goals and the best time to start laying your plans is now.

King of Wands Combined with Magician

The Magician works magic – he turns dreams into reality. When you combine these two cards, you have the optimism to work towards your goals and a magician to make everything possible. Your financial breakthrough is forthcoming as long as you continue working towards your goals. It is a great time to take those big steps that you have been avoiding, such as starting a business or expanding a business you are already running.

King of Wands Combined with Five of Wands

These cards are a representation of unbridled masculine energy. If you draw these two cards, it is a sign that you need to resolve any problems you have with your father, your grandfather, or any male figure in your life. The problems might be simple disagreements, or they might be differences in worldview. Whatever these differences are, you need to resolve them or make an effort to resolve them to be at peace to work on your goals.

King of Wands Combined with Lovers

If you draw the Lovers card, it shows that you are more desirable to other at the moment. The King of Wands has a natural charisma, and the Lovers card brings desirability – two qualities that make you charming. However, do not take advantage of the moment and abuse your charm. You need to treat those around you and yourself with the respect and care that they deserve. If you are single, it is a good time to pursue your love dreams as there is a high chance that you will find success. If you are having conflicts with others, it is also a great time to make peace.

King of Wands: A Good Card or What?

If you aspire to be a leader and see your dreams unfold whenever you make the necessary efforts, the King of Wands is a great draw. It symbolizes great optimism, victory, and power. You have a great draw and a beautiful personality to pursue your goals. However, you have to keep your unrealistic expectations in check and avoid arrogance for the reversed King of Wands.