King of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

By Charrette Vachon

The final card in the Pentacles suit, the King of Pentacles represents hard work paying off. In other words, ambition and enduring effort lead to triumphant success. It is a materialistic and financially auspicious card to find in a spread and can signify that you’ll soon be able to reap the fruit of your endeavors. This card can also signal a need for pragmatism or consistent perseverance, which will improve balance in your life.

  • Element: Earth
  • Planet: Mercury
  • Astrological sign: Capricorn
  • Key Dates: April 11 to May 10

Visual Elements and Symbolism

Enmeshed in flourishing flora and fauna, while wearing a robe embroidered with fruit-bearing vines, the King of Pentacles exudes material success. The bullhead carvings on his throne illustrate his wealth.

He wields a scepter in his right hand to symbolize his power. The gold coin with the pentacle engraving signifies his material and financial influence.

The castle he sits in front of is symbolic of his determination and perseverance. Note his feet rooted to the earth – the King of Pentacles remains a grounded individual.

The King of Pentacles Card as a Person

Prosperous and accomplished, the King of Pentacles does not draw his success from luck, but from consistent hard work and grafting – he views situations pragmatically and often attracts new opportunities. They say his Midas’ touch turns everything to gold.

As a patient, competent and secure provider, he is proven to be reliable and someone others depend on – through this he provides stability to those in his circle. Proud and thriving, the King of Pentacles wants to share his prosperity and abundance with others. He is a generous giver and a steadying presence.

The King of Pentacles Upright

In the upright position the King of Pentacles heralds abundance, leadership, power, and stability. This card may indicate that you are about to reach your goals, move forward in your career, or experience a financial windfall.

The King of Pentacles may also appear as a reminder to improve the focus of your energy and resources toward your goals. You never get something for nothing. Make pragmatic and well-calculated choices.

Love and Relationships

In a love and relationships reading, the King of Pentacles represents living life to the fullest, reminding us to enjoy life’s physical and sensual pleasures.

If you’re in a relationship, drawing this card signifies reaching a secure and stable period of your partnership – financially, emotionally and physically. You’ve persevered to get to this point so now you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

The King of Pentacles represents a strong and dependable partner. Appearing in a spread can mean that you’re about to meet a new, reliable and loyal partner – but it may be a slow burn as he is pragmatic and serious about commitment. This could be a sign you should open yourself up and be ready for a serious relationship.


This minor arcana card appearing in a career reading signifies success. Maybe you’re about to get a promotion, land a new job, or achieve outstanding results in your enterprise. You might land a new client, make record sales, or be recognized in your industry. However, if you’re considering switching careers or going into education, maybe this is the sign you’ve been waiting for.

The King of Pentacles can also be symbolic of someone at work helping you to achieve your goals. They may mentor you, put in a good word on your behalf, or give you advice that’s worth its weight in gold. Steel yourself though, as they may give unsolicited, unfiltered criticism as well.


Drawing the King of Pentacles is an excellent omen in regard to monetary matters. It may herald an improving financial situation due to diligent hard work, or signal that now is the time to reap the benefits of clever, calculated investments. Feed your soul and be generous to those around you, while allowing yourself to indulge a little. Enjoy life’s luxuries while remaining practical and saving.

If you’re considering a financial gamble, ensure you’ve thought it through methodically.


As the King of Pentacles epitomizes strength and physical health this is an auspicious card to draw upright in a spread. It suggests you will remain in good health, or that your maladies will improve. It is also a reminder to eat well and exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Re-examine your habits – are they good for you? Is there room for improvement?

With practical and physical success achieved, and a level of stable comfort attained, there is space for self-actualization. Rid yourself of negative energy through honest self-reflection in a supportive environment. Engage in activities that enrich the spirit for a positive boost.

The King of Pentacles Reversed

In reverse, the King of Pentacles falls from his throne – he is no longer grounded, but avaricious and wasteful. The King’s ruin is due to overstretching himself, taking too many risks or shortcuts, making hasty decisions, or showing poor judgment. This card is symbolic of greed, instability, ruthlessness, chauvinism, and a loss in principled decision-making.

Love and Relationships

Drawing this card in reverse can signify someone in the relationship behaving irresponsibly or gambling away your future. Examine the kind of decisions you make as a couple. In a partner, it can indicate issues of possessiveness, jealousy or controlling behaviors arising. Beware of money being used as a method of control. This card can signal greed in a partner or poor financial judgment. Appearing in reverse may also be to draw your attention to a fear of commitment, or a partner’s disloyalty or unfaithfulness.

The King of Pentacles in reverse is not as dependable as once thought. This can be interpreted as a forewarning of practical or emotional instability in your relationship emerging.

If you are single this card may indicate that someone in your romantic life will use their affluence and high status to overwhelm and control you, or that there may be an ulterior motive behind generosity shown to you. Be cautious in love.


The King of Pentacles in reverse represents the collapse of empire, which is a discouraging sign in a career reading. It indicates business failings, not meeting goals at work, or losing status – your reputation could be at risk through lack of commitment to the job, overconfidence and underperformance, bad practices, or not being a team player. On the other hand, you could be a workaholic who is only concerned with the bottom line at the cost of your spiritual well-being. Or, this could signify corrupt business practices. You should take this as a sign to realign your behaviors with strong principles, focus on personal growth, honest action, and connecting with your network.

This card can also reveal someone involved in your career behaving as the reversed King of Pentacles – someone who is unsupportive of your efforts or attempts to manipulate you for their own gain. Avoid this person and align yourself with those who’ve worked hard to get to where they are – or focus on yourself and let your better qualities shine through.


This card can be a sign of monetary loss when drawn in reverse, indicating financial issues, debt, or the impending need to tighten the purse strings. Work hard and with integrity, make methodical decisions and these difficult times will pass.

Alternatively, this could suggest you’ve been hoarding wealth, selfish, uncharitable, or cheap. Making smart financial decisions while showing generosity is both practically and spiritually healthy.


In a health tarot reading this card can be indicative of insecure health. Seek balance in moderation, good diet, exercise, and taking the advice of health professionals.

This card could also be a sign that you need not obsess over your health – don’t worry yourself sick. Similarly don’t physically overwork yourself or let body goals overtake your life to the detriment of your everyday enjoyment.

Your Past, Present, and Future

In the past position, the King of Pentacles means you’ve created a stable foundation, made mature decisions and acted responsibly. It may also indicate you were cautious and thoughtful and that is why you are where you are now.

This card falling in the present position is indicative of current stability and peace in your life, or that this is what you can expect. This is the time to sit back and take stock of where you are.

It may also mean an accomplished elder in your life will share their wisdom with you or offer valuable advice.

The King of Pentacles in the future position is a fortuitous sign – your current endeavors and struggles shall pay off and you can expect more security to come your way, or that your social standing will improve. Benefits within your reach may be of a spiritual nature – maybe you’ll gain new wisdom or deeper self-development. This minor arcana card may also represent someone coming into your life, a possible fatherly figure to offer support or mentorship.

Important Card Combinations

The King of Pentacles brings drive, integrity and accomplishment to a reading. In combination with other cards, it reveals straighter roads, simpler choices, and potential obstacles.

King of Pentacles and Hermit

With the Hermit, the spread is telling you to trust in yourself, accept your entire self, and that it might be time to go against the grain. There may be good reason to swim against the tide.

King of Pentacles and Emperor

The Emperor augments and amplifies patriarchal, authoritarian, and materialistic qualities. Continue to build a solid foundation, but not at the cost of controlling or coercing others. Don’t let healthy drive devolve into ruthlessness.

King of Pentacles and Queen of Pentacles

The King and Queen of Pentacles are the exemplification of staying grounded and supportive in order to help each other reach goals. They represent ambition and prosperity, so you can expect good things to happen in your professional or personal life.

This auspicious pairing may also suggest that the right person for you is coming your way.

King of Pentacles: Yes or No Questions

This card represents hard work and abundance – persevere and meet challenges head-on to sow the seeds of success. The King of Pentacles is a resounding yes.