The Justice Tarot Card Meaning

Justice is the eleventh card in the Major Arcana (XI) representing truth, balance and objectivity. It can be a little challenging to interpret as it relies on your past actions and behavior. The Justice card signifies righting wrongs and getting what you are owed – delivering karmic resolution. Look back on your past deeds and actions. Expect the universe to reward virtuous behavior, and punish unkind, dishonest and unfair acts. Justice is all about accountability.

Illustration Credit: Mikey A. Grant
  • Element: Air
  • Astrological sign: Libra
  • Planet: Venus
  • Key dates: September 23 to October 22

Visual Elements & Symbolism

Justice is symbolized by a woman wearing a red cloak and a gilded crown. She holds golden scales in her left hand and wields a sword in her right.

The scales represent balance and fairness, and also how intuitive thought should balance logic. Depicted in gold, the scales remind us the rich cannot escape justice. The sword symbolizes impartiality – it’s double-edged, just as justice is, always cutting both ways. It’s a physical reminder that our actions have consequences.

The royal crown represents the figure’s authority to hold the scales, and the square symbolizes clarity of thought.

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The Justice Card as a Person

Virtuous individuals, people who are truthful, decent and fair are represented by Justice. These people are careful decision-makers, practical, cautious, but also hopeless romantics deep down. They are often good with words, very articulate, and highly value academia.

Justice Upright

The upright Justice card signifies truth and balance and seeks to show us that all actions have consequences. Fair and honest judgments will be made. This may or may not mean things turn out the way you want them to. Any decisions should be carefully thought through and analyzed through the lens of fairness and integrity.

This is also a favorable card to appear if you are involved in any legal situations.

Love & Relationships

In a love reading, the Justice card’s interpretation lies in how you have treated others in your previous relationships.

Past dishonesty or contempt may breed a just reckoning. However if you’ve treated people with kindness, honesty, and respect, you can expect the universe to deliver the same back to you.

If you have cheated or lied, expect just desserts, even when the card is upright.

This card can also be a sign of balance being restored to your romantic life – whether this means ending a tumultuous relationship or deciding to work through a challenging one. This card can indicate that you and your partner will arrive at an important decision together.

If you are single, it may pertain to meeting your other half soon, or suggests support for the choice to stay single despite outside pressure.


In the upright position, Justice can signify a need for a better work-life balance. Spend more time with the ones you love and less time at the office. And don’t forget to incorporate self-care into your routine.

It can also signify that if you’ve been truthful, honest and fair in your professional life things will work out. If you have any workplace conflicts or issues, Justice can imply that everything should reach a fair resolution.


The Justice card is a fortuitous sign if you are owed money. If you’ve been financially ungenerous now is the time to be charitable. Lend to a friend in need, spoil your loved ones, or donate to a cause.

Justice upright signals now is a good time to balance your books and take care of financial affairs. It serves as a reminder to keep things fair, financially.


Here Justice reminds us that health is all about balance. If you’ve been fostering a good diet and lifestyle you can expect to see the results. Conversely, if you know you’ve been eating junk or maintaining an inactive, unhealthy lifestyle the Justice card is showing you that your life and relationships will improve if you prioritize your health and fitness. Remember that true health is all about mind, body, and spirit.

Justice Reversed

Generally, a reversed Justice card can reveal injustice or dishonesty. It can indicate someone not taking responsibility for their actions. Take this as a sign not to avoid any consequences your actions may warrant, and right any wrongs. It can also suggest that you are living in denial, or running from guilt. Balance can be restored when you accept the truth or take responsibility.

If you are being mistreated, resist retaliation, as the only person you can control is yourself. Practice accountability, tackle issues head-on, accept the outcomes and leave the rest to karmic justice.

Love & Relationships

Justice reversed can indicate dishonesty between partners. Do you have secret desires? Strong feelings you’re hiding? Or maybe you don’t feel as passionately as you once did? Now is the time to tell them your true feelings. Honesty aside, this can also be a sign of unresolved issues that need to be worked through. In these situations justice works through compromise.

Symbolizing disrupted balance, this card can signify that your expectations for your love life aren’t fair, or may be imbalanced. Take this time to re-evaluate.  Remember, we set the standard for how others treat us, so examine your own shortcomings and flaws and try to work on them.


In a career reading, this card can mean unfair treatment at work. Maybe you are undervalued, being taken advantage of, or even at odds with your coworkers. Whatever the circumstances, do not hastily react. Justice is here to remind you to tackle these situations with logic and integrity. Engage with workplace procedures, and rely on your superiors. Alternatively, it may be a sign it’s time to direct your professional efforts elsewhere.

Justice reversed can also signify unjust work practices, and corrupt business. It’s up to you to make choices that rectify this. Or it may imply a poor work-life balance and a need for more order.


The Justice card in reverse suggests unethical use of money. This can be through overspending, cheating others, stealing, or using money to commit unethical acts. Take responsibility for how you spend, or the implications will resonate throughout your relationships.

Another interpretation lies in avoiding financially risky investments. It can also indicate that you need to be cautious with who you share your financial information, and with whom you make deals.


Have you shown overindulgence recently? Too much alcohol, junk food, or even drugs? Justice is telling you to take stock of your compulsive behavior for the sake of your health. Take this as a warning and exercise moderation.

Your Past, Present & Future

Justice in the past position suggests experiences in your current situation are the consequences of a big decision you made a while ago. That choice marked a turning point in your life.

In the present position, Justice can signify an important decision to be made. To achieve balance, don’t make the decision alone, weigh up the thoughts and opinions of others. The choice you make could set the tone for the next chapter of your life. Alternatively, it can suggest justice being delivered in your favor.

When Justice falls in the future position it means that order will be restored – wrongs in your life will be put right, and those who deserve it will face retribution. This position can also be interpreted as guidance to weigh all options carefully when the time comes to make an important decision.

Important Card Combinations

Justice imbues a reading with responsibility, morality and integrity. This card softens the meaning of other cards.

Justice and Magician

Together these cards can mean someone is trying to set you up or mislead you. The Magician can signal someone trying to persuade you to go against your morals, or someone holding you back from being a better version of yourself.

Justice and Page of Cups

Generally a fortuitous card to find a spread, the Page of Cups is positive and encouraging. Drawn with Justice, they signify speaking the truth, especially in the face of authority.

Justice and Ten of Cups

When drawn with the Ten of Cups, this combination is a sign of emotional actualization. They suggest you will be fulfilled in your romantic life, and have strong, growing family ties. This auspicious duo could also be showing you that hopeful balance will be restored to certain relationships, whether those are professional, familial, or romantic.

Justice and World

This promising pairing suggests you will experience success. This may be professional such as getting a promotion, or involve a romantic adventure. It may pertain to relocating, or trying something out of your comfort zone and securing a ‘win’.

Justice: Yes or No?

Symbolizing balance, Justice is neutral. Make fair, honest, decisions to get what you want from the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Justice card mean in a love reading?

This all depends on your past actions. If you’ve treated others with kindness, fairness and respect, the universe will deliver you the same. But the reverse also applies.

What is the reversed Justice card’s meaning?

This is a signifier of injustice and dishonesty. It can also represent not taking responsibility for your own actions.

What does Justice mean in a future reading?

In the future position, the Justice card suggests the restoration of balance, and past wrongs suffered will be righted.

Is Justice a Yes or No card?

As a card that symbolizes balance, Justice is neutral.