Gemini and Leo

Gemini and Leo make an exceptional love match as air and fire combine perfectly for a passionate, dramatic, playful and highly energetic relationship. If you were wondering how do Gemini and Leo get along in a romantic relationship, you probably haven’t met a couple who laughs out loud on the street or drinks shots while everybody’s cheering for them at the bar. These two have the same definition of fun and they know perfectly well how to have fun in their lives. Gemini and Leo are both ambitious and goal-driven individuals, so their relationship will always be full of ideas, dreams and hopes.

There’s a big spark between Gemini and Leo, simply because they are two of the most playful signs of the zodiac. They’re both social butterflies and they both crave the center of attention on a regular basis, except the fact that Gemini won’t be pissed off if they’re not. Their dating game will be as exciting as they always are: visiting unusual places, trying all sorts of drinks, bringing in dressing code and going to themed parties. Since they both thrive on mental stimulation, Gemini and Leo will attract each other intellectually before in any other way. Do Gemini and Leo go together? We explore the emotional, sexual and marriage compatibility of these two star signs, as well as their love life, romance, trust, communication and shared values. With no further ado, read more about Gemini and Leo compatibility .

Gemini and Leo Love and Romance

Due to their strong intellectual bond these two create right from the very beginning as Gemini and Leo friendship , they can create and enjoy a sort of romance they both desire. Their similarities in personality are way too many to not share similar or same views on love and romance. Aside from having fun, these two know how to share love too. While Leo can be selfish at time and would like all the attention on them, neglecting their partner’s emotions, Gemini is not one of the patient, calm and collected zodiac signs and would immediately speak their mind off and let their frustrations be known. In each other they see someone who dreams as much as themselves and shares the same view on romance and the same enormous thirst for life.

Gemini and Leo Emotional Compatibility

The warm kind of love of Leo leaves no one indifferent, including the Gemini. The playful, childish yet charming nature of Gemini will perfectly blend with Leo’s warm and creative emotions they radiate. Leo wants to be adored more than anything and if their partner fails to do their complimenting duties, Leo will naturally be forced to re-evaluate the relationship. Although Gemini is not known as a very emotional sign, it’s in their nature to tell everything they have in mind without holding back. The good thing is they are truly amazed by Leo’s energy and creativity, which is why they won’t have any problems with keeping Leo’s ego in tact. Another relationship threat for these two is that Leo may run out of patience before Gemini finds a way to express their emotions. When they both recognize their own feelings and admit them to each other, it’s going to be a Disney-like love story.

Gemini and Leo Sexual Compatibility

The confident Leo would like to show everything they got and can do and the curious Gemini would absolutely love it. These two can attract each other sexually as soon as they exchange a few amusing ideas, as intellectual talks is a big turn on for both. The creativity and energy of a Leo blend perfectly with the ideas of a Gemini, which makes their sex life amazing. As two physical and passionate lovers, Gemini and Leo will quickly and easily feel comfortable enough to get wild and go on turning their sexual fantasies into reality. Although Gemini can often fail to connect with their sexuality, Leo is a partner who can help them learn how to develop a deep intimate bond. The only problem for these two can be Leo’s desire for sexual encounters when it’s rebuffed by the Gemini because of their versatile schedule and desire to engage themselves into various interests. So are Gemini and Leo sexually compatible? Yes.

Gemini and Leo Marriage Compatibility

While Gemini is naturally light in love and they may not show as much devotion as Leo expects, a Gemini and Leo marriage is very likely to happen. Adventurous, passionate and always full of hopes, plans and dreams, these two can go far. For a longtime relationship to work, Gemini will have to work hard on their flirtatious tendency. Although it’s in their nature to flirt without the need to do anything about it, it can make Leo jealous and there’s nothing worse than lion’s angry roar. Leo’s ego is not something that Gemini would like to toy with, but instead fed on a regular basis. Their passion for laughter and joy, as well as their childlike view on the world makes these two happy and fully satisfied partners. With their optimism and thirst for life, this couple can absolutely thrive in a marriage.

Gemini and Leo Trust and Communication

When it comes to trust, it’s unpredictable how it will turn out for these two individuals. Both Gemini and Leo love talking and sharing their thoughts, ideas and dreams, but they are not good at listening to other people due to different reasons. While Leo is focused on themselves and only takes care of their own personal needs, Gemini finds it hard to focus on one person only as there are many other things that attracts their attention. Their relationship can easily become one without trust and as a consequence, it may fail to overcome the first and slightest of problems that might arise.

It is easy for these two to understand each other and communication is one of their strongest points. This couple doesn’t let small things build up, but they tackle them straight away instead. Both of them prefer to say the first thing that comes to mind. When there’s a disagreement, Gemini will want to discuss it objectively and in doing so, they don’t spare their partner or anybody else, which can be very cold, offensive and uncaring. The fire sign partner may get defensive and quickly lose their patience.

Gemini and Leo Shared Values

If you were to ask what is the best match for a Gemini , you won’t get a concrete answer due to Gemini’s unpredictability. However, Leo is definitely a top 3 love match entry, as these two value a lot of same things. Intelligence, clarity and honesty are some of the qualities they equally value. Leo is more than willing to give the Gemini the freedom and independence they crave. They are both childish and that’s one of their best aspects of their relationship. Gemini and Leo will both love to explore the world and discover all sort of wonders. These energetic individuals will have a plenty of daily activities they would like to do and they will do most of them.