Four of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

By Charrette Vachon

This card serves to showcase order and stability, along with the turbulent essence of the Swords. This two-sided sword allows you to choose your fate – as long as you’re taking direction from your mind and body when some downtime is requested.

  • Element: Air
  • Planet: Jupiter
  • Astrological Signs: Libra
  • Key Dates: October 13th through October 22nd


When using the Rider-Waite deck, the Four of Swords card showcases a knight decked out in full armor, sprawled out on top of a tomb with his hands pointed to the gods in prayer and relaxation. There is a single sword placed adjacent to the knight, which highlights a sole point of focus.

There are three more swords seen hanging above him, aimed right at the knight’s head and torso. The setting is inside a church, underneath a beautiful stained-glass window illustrating a mother with her child.


The Four of Swords representation as an individual is harmonious and noncombative. Through trials, they’ve gained the skills required for getting along with many different groups of people and therefore can form long-lasting relationships.

It’s difficult to elicit a negative response from this person. Even if they’re under intense scrutiny, Four of Swords keeps their wits about them and works towards a result that benefits all parties.

The Four of Swords enjoy times away from turmoil, as it affords them the chance to find peace and remain centered amidst the normal everyday annoyances. This person simply cannot fulfill their duty without an appropriate night’s sleep and can often be found exploring their conscious imagination.


If you find this card in the upright position, it suggests a time of rest and relaxation. You’ve made some impressive progress recently, and it’s ok to feel depleted. Your ambitious nature can be taxing and warrant a period of rest.

Whether your moment of rest is forced upon you from your tremendous workload, or whether it’s by choice – this time to relax and recharge is necessary in order to keep moving forward.


If you’re currently in a relationship, you and your loved one have come to an understanding that this time needed to recharge and reconnect is crucial for both parties. The strain and nuances of everyday life can sometimes prevent you from spending much-needed time together, which can exhibit feelings of anxiousness and put pressure on the relationship. However, this time will grant you the ability to rekindle what’s special about your relationship.

If you’re single, the Four of Swords can showcase the need for reflection and self-examination to gain insight into your current position and illustrate your intentions. It’s important not to let these feelings submerge your perceptions about yourself. You must recognize the benefit of being on your own as opposed to being alone in a relationship. If you’re authentic and genuine about your interests and needs, the right individual will find you at the right time.


Your profession is very trying at this time. The assignments you have previously handled with ease are starting to stack up and put you behind. Take this as a sign that you need to take some time to recharge and gather your thoughts.

Sometimes this means you should take a few mental health days away from the office to recalibrate. You might want to spend some time outside reconnecting with nature. Your time away will allow your mind to unwind and will allow you to get back to your manageable workload successfully.


The financial stress you’re experiencing can be devastating. It can often fog the way you view your current situation. You should know that it’s often not nearly as bad as you think. It’s important to take a step back, work on some breathing exercises, and come up with a reasonable plan of attack. Organizing a plan will be sure to relieve some of the stress you’re feeling.


Your mind and body require quality rest and recovery time. You may find yourself in need of professional care if you continue to neglect the breaks your mind and body require. Setting aside some time for meditation and exercise is a popular solution for those who find themselves in need of a reset. You’ll be surprised at the positive effects these remedies can have on your well-being.


If you find this card in the reversed position it can have two different effects; either you’re feeling invigorated and starting to recapture your mental fortitude, or you’ve found the end of your rope and are on the brink of a mental breakdown.

The outcome depends on whether or not you’ve allotted yourself the time to reenter and take control of the situation mentally. Those who can achieve this reentering will continue down the path of confidence and positive mental health, while those who can’t will see themselves submerging deeper into a pit of despair.


If you’re currently in a relationship, the reversed Four of Swords can illustrate two different things; either you’ve been able to take a step back, assess your situation, and find the ability to heal, or you’ve found yourself at a crossroads of a crisis. The cards surrounding the Four of Swords will expound upon the outcome.

If you’re currently single, the results are comparable. You may want to put yourself out there in the search of a new relationship now that you’ve realized what you want from it, or your concerns and doubts have reached the point where you would rather not meet anyone new.


If you’ve just returned from an extended time away from your profession then you’re probably feeling energized, sharp, and ready to handle your workload effectively.

If you’ve neglected your mental health and are pushing yourself too far, you might soon find yourself headed for a breakdown. It might be time to get out of your current situation and find a new opportunity that will change your current position.


You’re probably unable to escape the negative thoughts that come along with being in debt and it’s becoming difficult to focus on your everyday life.

If you’ve constructed a plan of attack the moment you find yourself feeling financial anxiety, you’ll soon be feeling less pressure as you make progress. Alternatively, your financial situation has taken over your mental health so much so that you’re pushing others away and isolating yourself.


This card very obviously points to one thing, which is your clear understanding, or your avoidance, of your health situation. If you’ve put the time in to work on yourself, regroup, and recalibrate, then you’re in a much more position place in your life. However, if you keep this overwhelming stress with you, you’ll surely find yourself spiraling out of control. It’s time to start putting your health first.


The Four of Swords in the past position illustrates a moment in your life when you were captivated and focused on one aspect of your life due to the burden it caused you. Correspondingly, you probably ignored all the other crucial and essential facets of your life, including your well-being, your profession, and your relationships.

In the present position, you’re most likely experiencing feelings of desolation and solitude. This is because of the pressure you’re under. You must listen to your body when it’s telling you to work on yourself for a while. It’s not healthy to always be available for others. The first thing you should do is listen to what your body is telling you and get away from everything for a bit. While this may feel imprudent, it’s crucial for your long-term health.

This card in the future position tells you that you’ll soon be giving yourself a good amount of time to consider your situation. Figuring out what steps to take before you take them can be the distinction between heading down a positive or unfavorable path. While it’s important to take advice from others, the most important thing you can do right now is listen to what you want for a healthy future.


When cards are arranged in combination, they build off each other to provide a more precise meaning. Occasionally, the cards combined with the Four of Swords will test the characteristics that this card maintains.


This combination symbolizes that there is a person or thing in your life that’s causing you to feel the need to be alone. Sometimes the Devil can be a negative relationship, a dominant work figure, or an overbearing parent who gives you the feeling that you’re unaccomplished and a failure.


This combination confirms the positive effects of resting and collecting your thoughts. The time spent on your own has you feeling rejuvenated and ready to realize what’s important to you in life. The Moon indicates that you’re set to uncover new talents and intuition through this practice.


This combination suggests a strained work project or separation in your personal life will likely conclude in the way you had hoped. The judgement will be on your side – you will be presented with the reconciliation you seek.


The Four of Swords card provides a view on both sides of the fence. On one side you’ll find disengagement and disorder, while on the other you’ll find time to relax and heal. The outcome is completely under your control depending on the choices you make. Hence, the response you looking for is most likely “yes”.