Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

By Charrette Vachon

The Four of Pentacles is a gentle, yet clear reminder to let go. Have you been holding onto something that is preventing you from being happy and continuing to grow as a human being? This could be a job that isn’t serving you, a relationship that’s falling apart, or an ugly memory that keeps popping up. Set it down, and focus on moving forward. Hanging onto things may give you a sense of control and security, but deep down, you know that security is an illusion. The Four of Pentacles can also stand for materialism, selfishness, and greed. Your need for control and lack of openness may be hindering your success.

  • Element: Earth
  • Planets: Uranus, Saturn
  • Astrological Signs: Scorpio, Aquarius, Capricorn
  • Key Dates: January 10th – 19th

Visual Elements and Symbolism

In the Rider-Waite deck, the Four of Pentacles shows a man seated on a stool and wearing an ornate crown. In one hand, he grasps the pentacles, holding onto them tightly as if he’s afraid they might be taken from him. Another pentacle rests on his head, and two more sit by his feet. Although the pentacles appear to be secure, the man clings to them, apparently afraid that he may lose his grip if he shifts or moves.

Behind the man, you’ll see a city skyline. This skyline stands for opportunity. This same opportunity is echoed in the man’s crown and stool, which speak to his wealth and the security of his position.

Each coin has a different meaning. The two at the man’s feet stand for material possessions. The coin on his head stands for authority and power. His red and blue clothing stand for passion and thoughtfulness.

The Four of Pentacles as a Person

The Four of Pentacles is a person who is motivated by money and the accumulation of material possessions. They are very confident, forward-thinking people who can sometimes be seen as headstrong or ruthless. The Four of Pentacles thinks of themselves as being smarter, better-looking, and wiser than others. This makes them difficult to work with.

Friends and family members may find this person to be controlling and stubborn. Others may offer them advice, but they turn it down. In spite of their innate talent and financial success, they struggle in their personal relationships.

The Four of Pentacles Upright: Positive Meanings

This card is closely associated with financial matters and one’s relationship to money. When revealed in the upright position, it suggests you put too much emphasis on the material. It may also be a sign that you’ve been financially irresponsible.

Take a step back, and consider how much of your self-worth is derived from your financial position. Do you derive your value from the fact that you own a big home or drive a nice car? The Four of Pentacles reminds you not to become so attached to your money and material things. While it is okay to appreciate your money, you should not let it get in the way of your personal relationships, health, or purpose.

Love and Relationships

This is a foreboding card to uncover in a love reading. The Four of Pentacles can suggest that money is a huge motivating factor in your relationship. Are you staying with your partner purely for financial security? Greed may be driving your connection.

This card may also suggest that your partner is more interested in your money and possessions than in you as a person.

If you’re single, the Four of Pentacles is a reminder not to base your interest in others on their financial status. Doing so is rarely the path towards a loving relationship.


This card has a very specific meaning in a career reading. It stands for significant money in big companies. There may be some positivity here from a financial perspective, but it will come hand-in-hand with dissatisfaction in your career.

What motivates you in the workplace? If you’re only motivated by your paycheck, consider the Four of Pentacles your reminder to refocus. Make overall happiness a priority, and consider looking for a new job.


The Four of Pentacles suggests that your finances are stable, but they are not improving. If you want to change this, you’ll need to take action. Make an investment that’s a little more risky than usual. You’re overly conservative with your financial portfolio, and this card is a nudge to take a little more risk for greater reward.


Your physical health hasn’t been a problem, but how are you doing emotionally? This card draws attention to some past issues that are beginning to impact your emotional health again. Maybe you’re holding onto an old grudge, or perhaps you are living in regret. It’s time to let go and move forward. Otherwise, your lack of emotional health may begin to manifest in bad habits such as smoking, drinking, or over-eating.

The Four of Pentacles Reversed: Negative Meanings

When drawn in the reversed position, the Four of Pentacles says “you’re ready to let go.” You may have been holding onto the past for security, but doing so is no longer serving you. Your health and wellbeing are beginning to be compromised, and you need to move forward.

You might be re-evaluating your relationships and identifying those that have caused you more harm than joy. End those relationships, and focus on dealing with your insecurities.

This card can also symbolize loss. Have you lost someone close to you to gambling, substance above, or other harmful vices?

Finally, the reversed Four of Pentacles can suggest that you’re finally letting go of your need for control. You’re learning to take life as it comes and let situations develop as they may.

Love and Relationships

The reversed Four of Pentacles is a good omen in a love reading. It means you are starting to take the necessary steps to move forward into healthier relationships, even if only with yourself. Perhaps you’ve been in a toxic marriage and have finally taken the first step towards divorce.

As you move forward in love, you’re letting go of previous fears. You’re feeling more secure in your own appearance, and your fear of rejection is waning. You’re ready to truly open your heart and be in a relationship with someone who interests you.

Your approach to love is changing in a way that will lead to greater joy. Stay on this path.


In a career reading, the reversed Four of Pentacles suggests that you’ve been too focused on job security. You don’t need to worry so much. You’re at the top of your field. Your work is always exceptional, and your supervisors and coworkers respect you. Worrying too much about job security has been hindering your emotional health.

Now is a good time to step back and let enough be enough. Keep putting in good effort, but don’t stretch yourself too thin. Even if you were to lose your current job, you would have plenty of new opportunities come your way.


Unfortunately, this card suggests you’re about to face a financial hurdle. Prepare to part with a significant portion of your wealth. Perhaps you’ve made a fraudulent investment, or maybe you’ve fallen prey to an expensive vice, such as gambling. In either case, it may take you years to recover your losses, but you won’t make the same mistake again.

The Four of Pentacles may also mean that your accounts are empty because you just made a large purchase. Did you recently buy a home or a car? Don’t let your current cash-poor status get to you; it is temporary.


In a health reading, the Four of Pentacles can mean you’re starting to better understand and reckon with your emotions. Perhaps you’ve been struggling with loss and despair, but you’re now starting to find a way out. Caring for your emotions will benefit your physical health in these next months. If you’ve been struggling with aches and pains, expect them to diminish as your mental state improves.

Your Past, Present, and Future

When revealed in the past, the Four of Pentacles means your hard work is about to pay off. You’ve been toiling away with the same goals for a long time, and you’re finally about to reach those goals. You’ll soon reap the financial rewards for your efforts.

When revealed in the present position, the Four of Pentacles reminds you to re-evaluate what’s important to you. Are you holding on to a material possession that was once crucial, but has not served you in a long time? It’s time to let go.

In the future position, the Four of Pentacles is a sign that you could soon experience incredible success in your field. You’re poised to achieve it, but you will need to put in a great deal of effort to do so. Are you willing to give what it takes? Only you can make that choice.

Important Card Combinations

The meaning of the Four of Pentacles can be dramatically different depending on the other cards in the spread. Here are a few card combinations with important insights.

Four of Pentacles and High Priestess

If you receive this combination, take note. When the Four of Pentacles and High Priestess appear next to one another, they are a reminder to be extra aware and certain before you take any actions. Someone may be waiting in the wings to undercut you or undermine your success. Evaluate each business or career proposal very carefully. Ask others for advice, and examine every angle before you commit to anything.

Four of Pentacles and Tower

This is an ominous combination that warns you of great loss. You’re about to experience a huge upheaval in your life. The way to get through it is to focus on your own affairs and avoid allowing others to influence your decision making. You know what’s best for you, so stand firm in your own convictions as you face this challenge.

Four of Pentacles and Ace of Wands

This combination conveys a sense of urgency – but in a positive way. Seize the moment. If you have a financial opportunity in front of you, it’s a good one. You’d do well to take it.

Four of Pentacles and Wheel of Fortune

When revealed next to the Wheel of Fortune, the Four of Pentacles says “go for it.” Anything you take on at this time is likely to bring you success. Your plans are good ones, so follow through on them,

Four of Pentacles and Seven of Pentacles

This is another very positive and reassuring combination. It is a sign to go ahead with your plans and seek prosperity. It’s at your fingertips if you can merely reach out and grab it.

Four of Pentacles: Yes or No Questions

This is a card of security, stability, and financial success. It answers with an affirmative “yes.”