Five of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

By Charrette Vachon

In Tarot, the Fives in the Minor Arcana often represent disagreement, conflict, or a need for change. The Five of Wands fits with this representation as it stands for a challenge you will face. The card urges you to rise to any challenge, good or bad, and put your best self forward to accomplish your goals.

Illustration Credit: Kaitlynn Copithorne
  • Element: Fire
  • Planet: Saturn
  • Astrological Sign: Leo
  • Key Dates: July 22 to August 1

Visual Elements and Symbolism

The image of the Five of Wands shows one of chaos. Five men are wildly brandishing giant wands like swords while fighting each other in a situation that appears to be getting out of hand. Each is dressed in a different color outfit to symbolize their varied backgrounds and beliefs, implying that they are each on their own and not part of a team with a unified goal. This image suggests confrontation, discord, and isolation.

Upon closer inspection, however, the scene may not be as dire as it may appear. All of the men have faces showing passion or determination rather than anger. You can also see that all the wands are raised in the air or hitting each other instead of hitting the other men. None of them are hitting the others, nor does it look like they are trying to harm one another. This image shows no sign Five of Swords. Through this lens, the image appears more like a playful game, friendly competition, or a showcase of skill rather than a real confrontation. The Five of Wands seems to symbolize the battles of daily life rather than mortal combat.

The Five of Wands Card as a Person

Someone who is represented by the Five of Wands may have low-self esteem and not believe in their ability to accomplish goals or overcome obstacles. This person is facing a struggle they feel is too overwhelming to handle. They are a lost soul searching desperately to find themselves and the meaning of life.

Despite the negative feelings this person may have about themselves, they remain loving and empathetic toward those around them. They also profoundly want to stand out from the crowd and be special, but their low self-esteem usually pushes them to bottle these feelings up out of fear of being judged.

A person represented by the Five of Wands can achieve positive self-esteem and true happiness by accepting that what they want and need is valid and worthy of pursuit.

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The Five of Wands Upright

Most other cards in Tarot have a positive meaning when in the upright position, but the five cards change this energy, and the upright position often leans into the disagreement, conflict, and change it represents. It would be best if you prepared for friction and conflict because even in the upright position, the Five of Wands indicates you are in the middle of a battle or tension with others preventing you from reaching your goals.

Love and Relationships

If you’re single, the Five of Wands symbolizes chaos in your love life. You are actively dating but unsure of what you want in a partner and may struggle to stand out from the crowd. Rather than focusing on the competition, be true to yourself and explore your options! You will be sure to find the right person for you.

The Five Wands in a love reading may mean trouble in paradise for your relationship, but it doesn’t necessarily mean a breakup is coming. Instead, it focuses on the struggle in the relationship, not the ending. Familiarity can breed contempt, and you and your partner may feel you are getting on each others’ nerves or are always in each other’s way. You may fight often and have wild tempers. When the Five of Wands appears, nagging and purposeful provocation of arguments is common. These things may not necessarily be wrong as some enjoy the independence in their relationship and don’t mind a good spat every once in a while to keep things from getting dull. Only you can decide if this fiery relationship is something you like or if you are tired of the conflict.

If the fighting does make you unhappy, find a time when you are both calm and discuss your feelings and what you need from the relationship. Avoid making snap judgments, and remember you can’t control your partner’s actions, but be responsible for yourself. You can achieve positivity by having clear, rational discussions about what you expect from the relationship.


The Five of Wands in a career reading symbolize an intense and challenging environment. There may be lots of competition within the workplace, but little teamwork. Incompatible work styles and personalities lead to clashes with colleagues, impacting productivity. Team members may be undermining each other or rebelling against company policies creating a challenging atmosphere.

The appearance of this card urges you to keep doing what you must to succeed, even in the challenging conditions you may find yourself in. You will have to fight to get what you want and focus on your responsibilities, not the drama, and you will succeed.


The Five of Wands signifies a time of financial instability on the horizon. While this instability will be temporary, you must battle your way out. Arguments about money with your loved ones will become more frequent and continue until you get control of your finances. During this time, be extra careful with your money and only lend money if you fully trust someone. Focus on what you have instead of what you don’t, and avoid overspending. These tips will help you meet and overcome the financial challenges you may soon face.


In a Health reading, the Five of Wands represents a battle with a chronic illness or old injury that has been bothering you lately. The appearance of this card signals that you will soon defeat this illness or injury if you stay strong and focus on the positive.

This card may also indicate overwhelming stress or anxiety impacting your quality of life. Try exercise or meditation to help calm yourself and improve your overall health.

The Five of Wands Reversed

While most reversed cards have a negative meaning, the Five of Wands also has a positive meaning and signals more acceptance of whatever changes you may face. While this reverse card represents resolution, cooperation, and relief, the intensity of the five cards can bring great extremes even to the positive aspects. The end of a period of conflict or stress may have left you exhausted, but you have worked through your challenges and no longer have to prove yourself or face so much competition.

Love and Relationships

If you’re single, this card signals that you are avoiding conflict, leading you to be stuck in the same pattern. Focus on being yourself, setting clear expectations about what you need, and not settling for less. Try stepping outside your comfort zone to go out with someone who usually wouldn’t be on your radar. The outcome may surprise you!

In a relationship reading, the Reverse Five of Wands indicates that a once volatile relationship is settling down. Fighting and dishonesty are ending in favor of something more stable and harmonious. You and your partner can move forward from the rough patch and focus on making open communication the norm in your relationship.


The appearance of the Reversed Five of Wands in a career reading means the completion of a demanding project may have ended. The pressures of your job have eased, and solutions to problems have been found. You have made amends with your colleagues or supervisor, and the conflict-filled environment of the past has come to an end. You and your team will be able to work together more harmoniously.

This Reversed card may also show when you have over-committed to a job and feel drained. You may plan to seek a better work-life balance by pursuing a less demanding career. Learning to say no will also help ease this burden.


The context in which the Reverse Five of Wands appears is essential as there are multiple potential meanings. If surrounded by supportive cards, this card may signal that you have overcome a battle with financial stress and are coming into a more stable time.

However, without those support cards, the Five of Wands can mean an upcoming economic crash or job loss will lead to financial turmoil. Keeping control of your money will be difficult, and you will struggle to make ends meet. Conflict with your loved ones will also escalate during this time. Be sure to leave your emotions out of these discussions and focus instead on the practical aspects of finances.


The Reverse Five of Wands in a health reading signifies that you have been unsuccessfully fighting off an old illness or an injury. You may also fail to control your stress levels, leading to more serious medical problems. Try a new approach to recovery, and the change will lead to better results soon.

Your Past, Present, and Future

The Five of Wands in the past position is not a pleasant one. It indicates you are haunted by an old argument or falling out from a long time ago. You are overthinking this incident and might not even remember why it happened. This incident has come to the surface again, and while at the time you may not have realized how big of an impact it would have on the trajectory of your life, you are now stuck dealing with the aftermath. To move forward, you must prioritize resolving these problems and focus on forgiveness.

The Five of Wands in the present position means you are currently struggling with a stressful period. You may have highly charged emotions and are having trouble focussing on the positive, instead finding yourself constantly thinking about the worst possible development. Be mindful not to let your emotions get the best of you and dwell on negative thoughts; you will get through this difficult time.

The Five of Wands in the future position represents an unavoidable clash in the future or your regret of a past event. This conflict may be inevitable, but you don’t need to fear what might happen. Instead, prepare for the possibilities without letting them take over your life. Try and solve issues before they become problems by owning up to your mistakes or addressing problems in your relationships.

Important Card Combinations

Since it is a passive and weak card, the Five of Wands’ meaning changes depending on the cards with which it is found. Some powerful combinations have very different meanings.

Five of Wands and Star

The Star card indicates that you should enjoy the frivolities in life and find a way to integrate them into your life. Rather than being hard on yourself and focusing on the negatives, focus on having fun, enjoying the small joys of life, and acting recklessly. The Star card combined with the Five of Wands indicates doing this will lead to success by freeing your mind and putting you on the right path.

Five of Wands and Three of Cups

The Three of Cups means you should spend more time with your closest friends. Jealousy has been more prominent in your life and is weighing you down. While some friendly competition may be healthy, too much can lead to drama. Sign off of social media and the constant comparisons to others. Instead of focusing on the curated images others put forward, spend time with those who know the real you and value the essential aspects of your personality.

Five of Wands and Emperor

The Emperor card symbolizes an authority figure, and when combined with the Five of Wands, it means someone in authority will be challenged. You may be challenging a superior over an injustice you have seen, or you may be the authority figure being challenged. Either way, you must decide whether you will stand your ground or compromise. Be sure to consider each option before you choose carefully.

If you are the one challenging authority, there will be those that will talk behind your back or unfairly criticize you over challenging this issue but don’t let them sway you with their pettiness. Stick to your beliefs, and you will be unstoppable.

Five of Wands and Hanged Man

The Hanged Man symbolizes isolation outside your control when paired with the Five of Wands. You may feel like you’ve been drifting away from friends or being excluded at work, leaving you feeling left out. While you may want to be straightforward, and these groups include you, this could overwhelm others. While this rejection may feel personal, it is important not to jump to conclusions. Instead, put yourself in situations where you usually interact with these people. Soon, these feelings will pass, and things will return to normal.

Five of Wands: Yes or No?

The Five of Wands symbolizes challenge, conflict, or disagreement. It indicates that you are facing a challenge to which you must rise. Because of these negative meanings, the answer to your question is no.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does the Five of Wands Mean in a love reading?

Most cards in the upright position have a positive meaning, but the Five of Wands symbolizes chaos in your love life.

  • What does the reversed Five of Wands mean?

Unlike most other cards, the reversed. Five of Wands has positive meanings like acceptance of change, resolution, cooperation, and relief.

  • What does the Five of Wands mean in a future reading?

In the future position, The Five of Wands represents an unavoidable clash in the future or your regret of a past event.

  • Is the Five of Wands a yes or no card?

This card symbolizes challenge, conflict, or disagreement – the answer to your question is no.