Eight of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The Eight of Wands is a card of swift action contrasting sharply with the Seven of Wands which symbolizes staying put and holding your ground. This Minor Arcana tarot card represents the critical need to act and conveys urgency.

Illustration Credit: Volchya Resnitsa
  • Element: Fire
  • Planet: Mercury
  • Astrological sign: Sagittarius
  • Key dates: November 23 to December 2

Symbolic Representation

The Eight of Wands is something of an enigma. It holds more mystery than any other card in the Rider–Waite deck, requiring more than a first glance to understand its visual elements. The card shows eight wands, staves, or rods, hurtling through the air at a downward angle as if flung by a person.

The flight of the wands represents speed in one’s actions. The background of this scenario depicts a clear, blue sky indicating the absence of obstacles or barriers. In addition, the open landscape shows some hills in the distance, and green vegetation, a sign that everything is thriving.

The Eight of Wands Card Personified

This card paints the picture of an ambitious and focused individual, ready to take the bull by the horns without fear of change. This person is determined to chase after their goals, and it’s hard to stay on the same page with them.

Indeed, it’s typical for an Eight of Wands person to forge ahead toward their goals without holding back for anyone. Instead, they thrive in highly competitive academic or professional environments where they have to multitask and oversee various vital projects.

Drawing the Eight of Wands may indicate a sense of wanderlust and the need to explore new places around the world. Since the card implies speed and swift action, an Eight of Wands individual loves living life in the fast lane.

Their high-speed life can cause some alarm, yet at the same time, it also brings a certain sense of thrill and excitement that attracts people.

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The Eight of Wands: Upright Position and Positive Meanings

The Eight of Wands indicates a clear path to explore new opportunities and expand beyond your present circumstances.

The new developments may be sudden and unexpected, but as per the card’s reading, you’re advised to take action quickly. But remember, taking swift action doesn’t mean acting rashly or thoughtlessly, so proceed with caution.

Drawing this card can also signify the impending arrival of important news.

Love and Relationships

If you’re in a relationship, it’s set to reach a significant milestone or advance to the next stage. It could also signify that important news is on its way to you. In any case, the sudden turn of events will likely be life-changing – a new engagement or baby on the way.

The development may feel overwhelming, but you should be able to take it in stride with your partner by your side. If you’re single, the Eight of Wands means you may find yourself suddenly head over heels in love.

You may form an instant attachment and be drawn into a whirlwind romance where infatuation blossoms quickly and intensely.

It’s important to savor the excitement of being swept off your feet, so focus on those feelings and build them. This will help you determine whether the connection is forever or short-lived.


Your professional life will accelerate as a new project kicks into life earlier than anticipated. You will end up juggling more commitments than you feel you can handle. This is the perfect opportunity to get outside your comfort zone and let your true capabilities shine.


The Eight of Wands indicate that your finances have recently been all over the place. Your efforts to save have been thwarted by too many expenses.

Resist the temptation to make new investments and figure out what you want from your finances. Are you a materialistic person? This introspection will help pave the way for your personal and financial growth.


The Eight of Wands bodes well when it comes to health. In keeping with the symbolism of rapid transformation, you or someone you know will bounce back quickly from a health complication or injury.

This card can also represent a remarkable lifestyle change, such as new eating or exercise habits that produce fast results. Take action quickly and keep persevering.

The Eight of Wands: Reversed and Negative Meanings

Drawing the Eight of Wands in a reversed position has a contrary meaning to the upright position. Instead of rapid change and the hope of new things, there’s sluggishness, delay, and anxiety.

You may desire fast-paced action, but your current circumstances refuse to budge. It’s essential to let go of frustration, worry, and blame. Instead, find your inner balance so you can navigate these challenges with a level head.

Love and relationships

In a reversed Eight of Wands reading, the symbolism implies a weak bond between you and your partner. Even though the relationship seems outwardly strong, there are hidden doubts and a lack of commitment.

You or your partner are unsure whether they’re with “The One.” Perhaps someone is sticking around in the hopes of another honeymoon period. But now, it’s time to confront the recent stagnation and monotony invading your relationship.

You’ll likely realize the best thing is to go separate ways. If you’re single, the reversed Eight of Wands also doesn’t bode well for your love life. You may have to endure the single life for a while longer.

This time is best suited for self-improvement, and there’s hardly any room for a new partner, so avoid dating for the sake of dating.


It’s time to take your career to the next level, though you may not know which steps to take. If your current work life has been in a rut for too long, the next step is to look for new employment to advance your career.

Taking such a giant leap may seem daunting initially, but give yourself time to acclimate to the idea. If you don’t let your fears get in the way, you’ll find a new workplace better suited to your talents.


You’re struggling to save money because you use shopping to cope with negative emotions.

Instead of spending whenever you feel frustrated, anxious, or panicked, find healthier ways to deal with it, such as meditation or journaling. This should help you control the urge to shop impulsively and improve your personal finances.


The Eight of Wands indicates you may not be in the best shape health-wise. Perhaps you’re not healing from a sickness or injury as quickly as you want or failing to adopt healthy lifestyle habits. It’s time to review your health goals and take steps to stay on track.

Your Past, Present, and Future

Drawing the Eight of Wands in the past position signifies that you have missed out on many opportunities and sabotaged important connections due to impatience. While rushing headlong into situations gives you a sense of progress, sometimes the best option is not to act.

Think about hasty decisions you’ve made previously and the outcomes of those decisions. Let this be an important lesson that guides future decisions. In the present position, the Eight of Wands represents a lack of progress.

You have stopped moving forward, but acting now can get the wheels turning again. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new things or leave your comfort zone to fire up your career or love life. However, do your homework before making any critical changes.

Reading the Eight of Wands in a future position signifies new and exciting developments on the horizon. Maintain your positive mindset and creativity – this will soon pay off when the universe starts reflecting your energy back to you.

Important Card Pairings

As mentioned, the Eight of Wands is a Minor Arcana tarot card. As such, it blends well with many cards, producing a stronger reading from the interaction.

Eight of Wands and Moon

The Eight of Wands’ symbolism resonates with the Moon card, so the two cards make a powerful pairing. The combination strongly encourages you to listen to your gut feeling.

You may find this challenging as those around you pull in a different direction, but ultimately, you’ll find happiness by letting your intuition guide you.

The Eight of Wands and Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups is a fortuitous drawing, and the symbolism is amplified when combined with the Eight of Wands.

Now is the time to take risks, especially when traveling to new places or finding a potential partner. Luck is on your side should you choose to embark on a trip or look for a romantic partner.

The Eight of Wands and Eight of Swords

Drawing the Eight of Swords signifies being stuck in a rut. When paired with the Eight of Wands, this indicates that being restricted is the cause and you’re the effect.

Since it’s often difficult to identify yourself as your own enemy, this reading should be the lightbulb moment you need to stop self-sabotaging and eliminate doubts and limiting thoughts.

The Eight of Wands and Chariot

Count yourself lucky and blessed when you draw this combination. The Chariot is a card of victory and triumphs over obstacles. Paired with the Eight of Wands, the message is that your dreams are about to solidify.

If the love of your life has appeared in your dreams or you have rekindled things with an old flame, then these dreams will likely follow you into waking reality.

Remember, the universe always gives back an amplified version of what you have given out. So enjoy the exhilaration of receiving the love and positivity you have been sowing all along.

Is the Eight of Wands a Yes or No Card?

This is a “yes” card. That’s because the Eight of Wands symbolizes travel – a journey that may have obstacles but which you’ll ultimately overcome.