Eight of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

By Charrette Vachon

This card reveals sincere dedication deemed necessary when one is learning to be proficient in attempting a new accomplishment or task. This is an exciting card that is revealed when one is seeking a different field of employment. In the tarot cards, the Eight of Pentacles shows a younger gentleman dressed in a dark smock, that is using a mallet and blade to engrave this pentacle into a gold coin. This man is thoroughly engaged while he works and appears to be extremely proficient while doing so. And while this young man appears to be a trainee, he is extremely detail-oriented and committed to learning this skill, which is crucial in order to be experienced in any higher position.

  • Component: Earth
  • Heavenly Body:  Earth
  • Mystical Signs:  Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus
  • Major Dates: August 23rd – September 1st

Noticeable Elements and Meanings

This is an incredible card that is revealed if you are a beginner when learning this new skill, and you will put forth all of that learned knowledge into motion. Consider these to be a gift for your work ethic.

The township located behind the man depicts the confinement that is often crucial to immerse yourself in learning this new artistry.

As a Human Being

Eight of Pentacles as a Person is a devout and fervent individual that works extremely hard.  They will often work in a lower position when new to a company. This individual could be a novice or someone of the same sort, that often becomes enamored at the beginning of a new project, specifically when in the investigative and training phases. This type of person is the type that cannot see something even if it was hidden in plain sight. They may often focus on issues that are of lesser importance to those they are accompanied by. The Eight of Pentacles person does not trust others easily, therefore, forming any kind of bond that is built with this type of person, often takes time.

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Eight of Pentacles in the upright position: Affirmative interpretation

In the upright position, the Eight of Pentacles infers that one really needs to establish a set amount of time to achieve their intended goals. It shows that the person is at the first stages of starting their new career.

Affairs of the Heart

If you are currently unattached, make a note of a possible love affair with someone as you are mastering a new skill set or while taking a class.

If you are romantically involved with someone, you are spending too much of your time concentrating only on the duties of your job. While you are forgoing making time with your romantic partner to work on your career, make sure to take the time to show those who matter most to you, that you deeply care for them or you will surely push them away. Keep that spark alive by looking for shared interests with your partner.


The Eight of Pentacles reveals that you are learning new talents and attempting to redefine yourself. Stand strong and imagine yourself being successful with your attempts, and acknowledge your forthcoming achievements, but also humble yourself on this path of understanding.

Be mindful of the projects you take on that are not in your realm of clear understanding. There is nothing wrong with asking for support when it’s necessary.


While the Eight of Pentacles is a positive symbol of your finances, and need to be mindful and plan for unexpected events. Don’t expect an inheritance or the winning lottery numbers, as you will still have to work hard to make your money. Your budget is of the utmost importance! Don’t be frivolous with your spending or buying things without putting some thorough thought into it. Plan what you want to do and where you want your money to go; if you can keep it in line, feel free to compensate yourself from time to time.

Your Health

When it comes to matters of your health and well-being, you haven’t exactly been adhering to the advice of your doctors. As a matter of fact, you’ve been putting your health on the back burner for some time. This card is telling you to pay attention, listen to the advice of those from those practitioners and make your health a priority. Make sure to stay on top of your diet and exercise plans.

Eight of Pentacles in Reverse Position: Unfavorable interpretation

In the reverse position, the Eight of Pentacles indicates a time of irritation and setbacks. Your keen eye for detail could actually be working against reaching those intended goals. There needs to be an understanding that nothing can be perfect and it’s time for you to realize the same goes for yourself and those around you.  Make sure to keep your intentions on what is good; look at the entire scene, not just one part of it.

Affairs of the Heart

If you are attached, the Eight of Pentacles in reverse reveals that you have lost sight of the minuscule aspects that keep your relationship going in a positive direction. While you’ve been with your significant other for quite some time, you find yourself not fully engaged in their presence or concentrating less on them and more on your job.

If you’re unattached, you aren’t trying hard enough to engage with a possible romantic interest. You are concentrating too much on your career and it’s becoming evident that you use it as an excuse when things become too challenging in your everyday life.

Work Life

The Eight of Pentacles in reverse reveals that you may, in fact, be unhappy in your place of employment. Perhaps you found the work not challenging enough and now your focus is somewhere else – the smaller problems that may often have a negative effect on those you work closely with.

If you are unhappy with your current work situation, it’s perfectly fine to look for employment somewhere else. Attempt to find something that will challenge your creativity further and perhaps you can do without the help of others. Keep in mind the goals you have set for yourself so you don’t allow yourself to become complacent.


Pertaining to matters of your money, the reversed position of the Eight of Pentacles indicates frivolous spending habits, increasing debt, and instability with your money. Perhaps you aren’t taking this as seriously as it should be. Be mindful that your financial status will only change with determination and consistency with your saving and spending habits.

Your Health

The Eight of Pentacles in reverse signifies two totally different aspects in opposing aspects of the spectrum. By adhering to restrictive diets and obsessing about your workouts, or not noticing the significance of the importance of your health. There may even be instances of drug or alcohol abuse to help you deal with the physical and mental aspects of pain.

Your current health status is imperative to your health as a whole. Stop putting off any concerns regarding your health from the medical professionals in charge of your well-being. Be mindful and get the necessary care you’ve been avoiding

Positions of Past, Present, and Future

In the position of the past, the Eight of Pentacles signifies the hard work and determination used to help you achieve the position you are currently in. You have done without and it’s evident. Be boastful of all that you’ve cultivated, it’s okay to be proud.

In the position of the present, this card reveals that what you’re working towards will be to your advantage. Devote yourself and you will see the grand payoff later. You’ve developed great skills and continue to do so and you will see success, but there is still much to address.

In the position of the future, the Eight of Pentacles symbolizes an experience that you will learn significantly from, regardless of which form it comes in. You may also be in store for an awakening of your spirituality. While you’re working on a new venture, be honest about what your expectations are. As long as you work hard, you will be rewarded.

Relevant Combination of Cards

The suit of the pentacle is grounded in the Eight of Pentacles. This promotes anything materialistic, which career path you choose, as well as your dwelling. Be wary of the card combinations listed below.

The Eight of Pentacles and the Lovers Card

These two make a great team. If you happen to be in difficult times, press on and move forward using this as a chance to learn from it. You’ve come this far, you can do anything you put your mind through. This pairing of card cards that you are able to keep and fix the affiliations you have when things get tough. Most of your growth comes from you fixing these issues that arise. It’s okay to give someone another chance, just be mindful of how many chances they get.

The Hermit and the Eight of Pentacles

There are good and bad instances to understand from this pairing, be sure to keep this in mind. Isolating yourself and working too hard or too much on a task can cause strife in other areas of your life. Try not to ignore the big picture.

Yes or No Questions concerning the Eight of Pentacles

The advancement of your education is revealed with the Eight of Pentacles, as well as assured promotions. If you are asking specifically regarding your work life, yes is the answer. Any other types of questions, it’s definitely a no.