Capricorn Woman: Personality Traits, Love, Compatibility & More

If we rank all the zodiac signs by how tough each one is, Capricorn will definitely be first on the list. Being determined, strong, and independent, Capricorn women are those with the power to change the world and to put things in motion no matter what the circumstances. This is where their Cardinal quality is best shown – a Capricorn woman is one of the most influential trendsetters and initiators in the zodiac.

On a daily basis, the Capricorn woman can be quite reserved. They don’t form friendships as easily as some other signs such as Aries or Sagittarius, and they’re not as outgoing either. It takes a long time for a Capricorn woman to learn to trust you, so make sure you have enough patience for her to form that special bond with you. If you’re wondering how to know if a Capricorn woman likes you, then you should know beforehand that it’s not easy to tell at all. The moment she feels comfortable with you, the Capricorn woman will devote herself to you and your needs other than just looking out for herself. Make sure you give her enough time to properly get to know you and open up to you willingly.

One of the most noticeable Capricorn woman characteristics is the ability to detect even the smallest details. Even if she is quite reserved and cold towards others by nature, she is able to tell when someone is behaving differently when it’s not obvious. Capricorn women’s keen eyes let them know that there’s been a change in the situation, so don’t try to hide anything from them. They will find it eventually even when you think they’re not interested. Never underestimate a Capricorn woman’s power of observation.

Capricorn Woman: Home & Family

To a Capricorn woman, family holds a high position on the list of things that are most important. In marriage, Capricorn Women are loyal, devoted, and caring partners. They are very independent and can handle themselves on their own, but they wouldn’t last long in a relationship where someone fully depended on them. Capricorn women look for a partner who can offer them many different forms of stability, most importantly, an emotional and a financial one. Just because they can keep on going perfectly on their own doesn’t mean they want to.

An important fact about Capricorn women is that they make wonderful mothers, dedicating themselves to their children as much as a mother can, because they want their little ones to grow up as independent and as strong as they are. A Capricorn mother will always be ready to listen and offer the best advice possible in order to help her little one handle a tough situation. She will always keep her promises to her kids, which will earn her a great amount of respect and a ton of love from all those observing their deep bond.

Capricorn Woman: Career & Money

A crucial fact to remember when this zodiac sign shows up in your life – you do NOT want to stand in the way of a Capricorn woman and her career. This Earth sign shows more ambition and determination than any other sign of the zodiac. They are the definition of hard workers and they build their lives around their achievement and accomplishments. Capricorn women know that working hard brings the best results, so they give their all to move forward in their careers. Competitive by nature, the Capricorn woman is fantastic at organizing events and grand openings, aiming to impress and to leave everyone stunned.

If you want to know how to keep a Capricorn woman interested in her job, just start offering her newer and more challenging projects. She will accept any opportunity to advance and outdo herself (and maybe others as well) on different levels. Still, when she works, she prefers not to take drastic risks and normally she sticks to techniques that are sure to bring her success. Methods that haven’t been tried out will be avoided.

Capricorn Woman: Love & Sex

Capricorn women can be quite cold and closed up in front of others. They don’t express their feelings easily and they take things very seriously when it comes to emotions. That’s why when a Capricorn woman says she loves you, you should take it as the highest compliment. Be sure that she has spent a long time thinking about all the pros and cons of sharing her feelings and whether or not you’re worth it. If she decides to open up, you are definitely worth it.

Still, you should be careful with a Capricorn woman in a relationship. Even though they’re very warm and caring partners, they don’t like it when their emotions and intimate thoughts are exposed. These women are sensitive when facts about them are revealed in public, so their partners should make sure to keep everything to themselves if they don’t want to see the Capricorn’s feelings hurt.

In order to see the signs Capricorn woman is in love with you, you need to know how does Capricorn woman act when she’s in love. The most important thing is to realize that she devotes her precious time to you and she is prepared to make you happy in any way she knows how. Be sure to notice this and learn to appreciate these things; she will then cherish you even more.

When dating a Capricorn woman, you don’t have to worry too much. She isn’t looking for anything extravagant or grand just as long as your attention is focused on her for the entire evening. Although she can be a bit reserved, Capricorn woman in bed shows a different side, one that’s more open and free. All they need to loosen up is the feeling of security and comfort when they’re with you.

Capricorn Woman: Compatibility with Other Signs

When discussing Capricorn woman compatibility with other signs, we see that she looks for stability before all else and that she needs a strong figure in her life that won’t be afraid to take on a challenge. The best mates for a Capricorn woman are Scorpio, Virgo, and Taurus, all of them being signs with strong opinions and firm values.

Capricorn Woman and Scorpio Man

The mystical Scorpio man can be the perfect person to give this Capricorn woman the privacy and security she needs. He will be patient with her knowing that he doesn’t like to be rushed either. It might take some time before this couple starts trusting each other, mostly because of their cautious nature and fear of being exposed. However, be sure that once they form a bond, they will both be prepared to stand by one another’s side no matter what situation they’re in.

Capricorn Woman and Virgo Man

A Capricorn woman and a Virgo man have a grand potential to form a long-lasting relationship. They both appreciate the quiet life and they prefer to stay as far away from drama as possible. Virgo men are very direct and rational, meaning that they won’t spare their partner from any criticism, but it’s nothing the Capricorn woman can’t take. Even though it seems boring and passionless, this relationship is exactly what both partners are looking for.

Capricorn Woman and Taurus Man

These two signs find common ground in many areas. They are both incredibly ambitious and they take initiative when something has to be done. Being a grounded and down-to-earth sign, the Taurus man knows what he needs to do to make a living and he shares his Capricorn partner’s views on money and saving for the future. This is a power-couple that is destined to succeed as long as they stay true to one another.