Capricorn Man: Personality Traits, Love, Compatibility & More

The first thing you should know when meeting a man born under the sign of Capricorn is that there is so much more to him than what he shows. Capricorn men are often seen as introverts who prefer to keep things to themselves rather than sharing everything with people around them. Although that’s true, you should never underestimate this Earth sign’s power of perception and observance.

To the rest of the world, the Capricorn man seems very reserved, cold, and maybe even a bit boring at times. But don’t let his quiet nature fool you – his brain is constantly working at full power, making plans and working out ideas for the future. This sign tends to only talk when there is something relevant to say and that’s why he’s often not the favorite one in a group.

Nevertheless, that earns him a fair amount of respect. He is usually seen as the wise one, the one that people turn to when they’re in need of advice. Capricorn men aren’t the best when it comes to dealing with other people’s feelings, but they can be quite caring and loving for people they feel comfortable with.

A very dominant Capricorn man characteristic is his ambition. Capricorn men can outwork any other sign in the zodiac thanks to their strong determination and the rush they get when competing. This can be seen in any sphere in their lives – work, hobbies, random activities, and sometimes even in their love life. But this isn’t something you should worry about. It’s a great thing, actually, because even though his view on life is generally pessimistic, the Capricorn man’s ambition is what keeps him going.

Capricorn Man: Home & Family

A Capricorn man’s family is his Achilles’ heel – it’s what he’s prepared to fight for to the end. It is safe to say that the fastest way to a Capricorn man’s heart is through his family. He values their opinions more than anyone else’s and he is likely to ask for his family’s approval before doing anything drastic or important in his life. Tradition and loyalty to family is something the Capricorn man holds very dear and it’s not easy to convince him otherwise.

In marriage, Capricorn men turn to be the most dedicated of all zodiac signs. They are faithful and most often they tie themselves to only one person for the rest of their lives, but getting to that stage is not a quick journey. They will only be prepared to settle down once they’ve made a legacy for themselves and once their future is secure financially. Be sure that if you end up living with a Capricorn man, he will be prepared to take care of you for the rest of your life.

The Capricorn man’s home will be full of practical things and nothing more. He won’t care too much about décor or aesthetics as long as everything is useful and close at reach. As fathers, Capricorn men will be strict and will use disciplinary measures, but they will also do their best to protect their little ones from harm.

Capricorn Man: Career & Money

If you’re looking for someone who is 100% sure to get the job done with quality and care, the Capricorn man should be your first choice. The zodiac’s workaholic is prepared to compromise his personal life in order to advance career-wise and to achieve high success rates. His motto is Work today, relax tomorrow. Capricorn men believe that working your socks off will bring great rewards in the future, even if that means you have to suffer a bit to get them.

A little-known fact about Capricorn men is that they’re very critical when someone is less ambitious than they are. They can’t stand laziness and slacking off, but they can also be quite envious of those who have achieved more than them. That being said, be sure that a Capricorn man will never leave a job unfinished, and their strength and innovation make them great leaders in work environments.

Also, an important thing to note is that he will never let others support him financially; he is way too stubborn for that. Don’t be surprised if, in a time of crisis, he doesn’t accept any financial help. Capricorn men’s pride won’t allow them to depend on other people and they will do anything in their power to earn that money themselves.

Capricorn Man: Love & Sex

If you’re wondering how does a Capricorn man act when in love, pay attention to any unusual behavior. He might try to connect with you on a deeper emotional level, which is not something he does lightly. It takes a lot of time for this Earth sign to form a significant connection with someone else and they will most definitely take it very seriously. That is why when a Capricorn man says he loves you, flattery is the least you should feel. Expressing emotions doesn’t come easy for the Goat, so knowing he is in love with you means a certainty of care, loyalty, stability, and honesty.

When dating Capricorn men, you should expect the traditional dating behavior. They will buy you flowers, take you to dinner, and they will pay for everything you do during the evening. Some useful Capricorn men love advice is to let them guide you through everything they have planned for you on your date. You will notice that a Capricorn man’s behavior will be nothing less than gentleman-like.

Thanks to his attention to detail, the Capricorn man in bed can be quite a surprise. He will work hard to impress his partner, but won’t bother getting into superficial one-night stands that don’t mean anything. In order for him to feel comfortable enough to be exposed in front of someone, he needs to form some kind of trust with his sexual partner. Once an emotional bond is formed, there will be no barrier for the Capricorn man to express his sexuality.

Capricorn Man: Compatibility with Other Signs

A Capricorn man’s compatibility with other signs might seem like an impossible subject, but there are some signs that fit the Capricorn man likes and dislikes regarding romance and relationships.

Capricorn Man and Scorpio Woman

This is a relationship full of understanding and commitment. The Scorpio woman is very powerful and strong, which means she’ll be able to handle the Goat’s cold behavior and stubbornness. She will know how to keep the Capricorn man interested in the relationship, because this couple shares most of the same values: stability, family, and respect. This match is known to have high odds of a long-lasting relationship.

Capricorn Man and Taurus Woman

Taurus women build trust slowly and they need time to loosen up in front of others, just like the Capricorn man. The best thing about this couple is that they will fall more and more in love with each other the more they get to know one another. They will know to give each other enough time to form that much-desired bond and they will both work hard to keep the relationship safe, secure, and stable.

Capricorn Man and Virgo Woman

Being perfectionists, the Capricorn man and the Virgo woman will face the world together having figured out every little detail in advance. Neither of them is in touch with their emotional side which might be a problem, but the support and encouragement they give to one another can form a strong bond for them to learn how to communicate emotionally.