Capricorn and Aquarius

In a match between a traditionalist and a rebel, there are many aspects that Capricorn and Aquarius will absolutely love and aspects they will despise. Regardless, they will bring out the most positive and brightest attributes in each other and help one another become a better version of themselves without even trying. While Capricorn is rational, more cautious and likes to stick to the rules, Aquarius is a born innovator who creates their own rules and has an idealistic approach to everything in their life. The Water bearer weren’t born to follow and Capricorn finds that inspiring. Capricorn, on the other hand, might inspire the Aquarius to be a bit more disciplined and better organized.

Since we have two equally controlling and competitive individuals together, this relationship often makes people wonder how do Capricorn and Aquarius get along ? The answer is rather simple: when they manage to sort out their differences and join forces, their work ethic cannot be matched by any other zodiac sign. Their interests in many areas of life are also different, as expected for two completely different zodiac signs. Unless their traditional vs non-traditional lifestyle get in their way, Capricorn and Aquarius may have a long lasting relationship that can easily end up in a marriage. Let’s take a look at our Capricorn and Aquarius compatibility analysis in further details and see how these two stand in love life, romance, sex life, friendship, marriage, trust, communication and more.

Capricorn and Aquarius Love and Romance

Due to the fact that both Capricorn and Aquarius show love and are romantic in ways that are unfamiliar to other zodiac signs, they are bound to have a difficult and unsatisfying love life together. It is widely known that they appear as distant and cold to others and when two such individuals are together in a relationship, there’s simply no source for warmth and passion. In order their relationship to contain strong feelings and bring them pleasure, both should feel safe with each other. Only then will they show their love for one another through random yet simple and grounded acts of love and affection. Imagine two partners having a hard time expressing their own feelings towards one another, even though they love each other deeply. Ugh, that surely sucks. Fingers crossed for these guys.

Capricorn and Aquarius Emotional Compatibility

Do Capricorn and Aquarius go together judging by their ability to develop emotional bond? No. Capricorn and Aquarius may never click emotionally and develop a strong intimate bond that will keep them together for a long period, because they are detached and do not necessarily consider emotions as a vital component of any relationship they have in life. Although they rarely express emotions, Capricorn usually shows their emotions in a practical and physical way and Aquarius in a unique and creative yet not so emotional way. Neither of them likes their partner’s way of showing love, simply because they do not handle differences in other people very well. Furthermore, Aquarius doesn’t give Capricorn what they crave the most: security and stability. The Air sign is unpredictable and is not easy to settle down, which will make it difficult-to-impossible for these two to form a deep emotional bond.

Capricorn and Aquarius Sexual Compatibility

Sex is where these two cannot be more incompatible. Capricorn and Aquarius sexually do not attract each other at first sight or first exchange of words and when in relationship, they will probably need some time to hit the sack. Capricorn likes it rough and physical and tends to stick to what they like the most, while Aquarius is more into experimental and imaginative sex full of unusual sexual turn ons. As two natural leaders and with tendency to be the boss in every possible situation, neither of them would like to be submissive in their sex life and they will constantly fight for having the control. The eccentric Aquarius is very likely to be too much for the traditional Capricorn. The slow Capricorn will need too much time for the spontaneous Aquarius who will be completely turned off by all the waiting and trust earning. That’s why it’s difficult for these two to have a satisfying sexual relationship.

Capricorn and Aquarius Marriage Compatibility

When a Capricorn and Aquarius marriage happens for who knows what reason, we have a strong willed and goal-oriented union who may win in married life only because they are not quitters, not because they love each other that much. In order for these two to have a successful relationship or marriage, the key is their willingness to learn new things from each other and make compromises more often. Capricorn could learn how to be more free in life and live in the future instead of the past from their Aquarius partner, while the Water bearer could learn how to achieve more stability and better balance in life. Either way, these two will have to work hard to keep their love alive, but that doesn’t scare these tireless individuals who when they set their mind on something, there’s no stopping.

Capricorn and Aquarius Trust and Communication

One of the brightest aspects of the Capricorn-Aquarius relationship is trust. As honest and straightforward as they are, they find it easy to trust one another. They are both rational individuals who are often described as cold, which means they don’t care how will their actions affect other people, even if it’s their loving partner. Whether it’s a Capricorn and Aquarius friendship , relationship or marriage, their ideas of trust differ, which is why they may have problems in fully accepting each other. Still, there will be a good level of trust they can work with.

The distant and cold attitude of Capricorn and Aquarius will often make it look like they don’t love each other, because there’s lack of emotions, intensity and passion in their communication. These rational individuals are usually calm and collected, taking their time to think everything through. They will understand each other well and they will have a sense of being understood by their partner when talking about literally anything without fear of being judged.

Capricorn and Aquarius Shared Values

When it comes to values, they live by completely different rules. While Capricorn likes to play by the rules and stick by traditions, Aquarius likes breaking the rules and creating their own rules and living their life their way. Freedom and independence is important for Aquarius, while Capricorn likes boundaries and stability. Honesty and loyalty are some of the few shared values these two have and it is exactly what enables them to form a strong intimate bond. They treat relationships with all the respect and their faithfulness is something they both love in each other. A long term relationship between Capricorn and Aquarius may not be very likely to happen, but when it does, it has everything that’s needed to succeed.