Cancer Man: Personality Traits, Love, Compatibility & More

Ruled by the Moon, the Cancer man is deeply sensitive, emotional, caring, and a vulnerable person that can experience crazy mood swings. He’s romantic and chivalrous in an old-fashioned way and he’s able to make you feel safe and loved. His home and family are the most important things in his life, and he’s fiercely protective of them. The Cancer man makes a wonderful partner, but he demands love, attention, and devotion, and can be very jealous, controlling, and clingy at times. Continue reading to find out more about Cancer man likes and dislikes in a relationship, his personality traits, and compatibility with other zodiac signs. We got some of the most interesting facts about Cancer man you need to know!

Cancer Man: Personality Traits

As we mentioned earlier, the Cancer man is romantic, sensitive, nurturing, loyal, but also a very vulnerable and easily hurt person. If you hurt him once, he may not give you another chance to do him wrong. He’s a homebody and family-oriented guy – nothing makes him happier than a happy and loving family. He’s a very sensitive and gentle soul who wants security in life and will retreat into his shell if he feels threatened. The Cancer man is always polite and kind; a true gentleman that can make any woman melt. Keen intuition is among the most important Cancer man characteristics – he can often guess what other people are feeling or thinking. But, how does a Cancer man act when in love? What are the signs Cancer man is in love with you and is ready to settle down?

Cancer Man: Home & Family

The Cancer man is the homebody of the zodiac – he feels most at ease when he’s in the comfort of his own home. The Cancer man puts a lot of time and effort into building a warm, cozy, and comfortable home environment that he can call his own. He’s usually a great cook, so he prefers eating at home instead of going out. He’s also very sentimental and nostalgic, so he’ll hold onto possessions for a long time just for their sentimental value.

As a husband and father, he’s very protective, caring, generous and loving. Being a stay-at-home dad suits the Cancer man perfectly because he would rather be at home with his children, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of his children, instead of being a provider. The Cancer man is a traditionalist who’ll always initiate family outings, activities, and wouldn’t want to miss a moment of his children’s lives. However, since this man has a strong instinct to nurture and protect his loved ones, he can become overprotective and interfering, so he may need to be reminded at times to step back and give his kids their personal space.

Cancer Man: Career & Money

The Cancer man is able to work really hard in order to provide for the needs of his family. His nurturing nature, his intuition and ability to read other people make him a good candidate for positions in counseling, education, or medical services. However, he’s most attracted to the idea of working from home, where he can have more control over his personal work environment and be close to his family.

When it comes to money, the Cancer male is thrifty and very careful with his money. This gentleman will never spend his money unwisely because his primary concern is to provide financial security and stability for his family. He’ll do whatever it takes to make sure he has enough money set aside for financial emergencies.

Cancer Man: Love & Sex

The Cancer man is shy and reserved when he meets someone new and he won’t express his feelings in the beginning. So, how to know if a Cancer man likes you?

When he finds the right one, the Crab will become the most romantic guy you ever met. He will be buying flowers, chocolates, shower you with attention and thoughtful gifts, cook for you, and try to grant all your wishes. He’s very loyal and caring which makes him one of the best long-term partners of the zodiac. Dating a Cancer man can be a romantic experience because he’s very sensitive, gentle, protective, and devoted to his partner.

But, how to keep a Cancer man interested in you? The Crab also requires love, tenderness, and reassurance in a relationship, or else he would be hurt, disappointed, and might go away from you. Never play mind games with the Cancer man because he’s very intuitive and can easily see right through them. He’s very generous and giving to others, but he gets his feelings hurt easily, and can hold a grudge forever, so always be clear and honest with him.

A Cancer man in bed is gentle, bold, imaginative, and since he’s highly intuitive, he knows exactly what his partner wants. When it comes to sex, he would love to take the lead and if you shower him with affection and give him enough support, he can be the greatest lover ever.

Cancer Man: Compatibility with Other Signs

Cancer is a Water sign symbolized by the crab, which means that this man needs a home filled with a happy, loving family. This makes the Cancer man most compatible only with a few Water and Earth signs of the zodiac. So, when it comes to the Cancer man compatibility in love, he’s most compatible with Taurus, Scorpio, and Pisces.

Cancer Man and Taurus Woman

The Cancer man and the Taurus woman make a surprisingly great zodiac match. They’re both traditionalists, nurturing, warm, and loyal individuals who have the same emotional goals in life, such as to create a comfortable home and a happy, loving family.

Cancer Man and Scorpio Woman

The Cancer man and the Scorpio woman make one of the best matches between zodiac signs! Even though they have different personalities and the Crab can be a bit too emotional and clingy for the Scorpio lady, these two signs complement each other perfectly and their relationship has the potential to last a long time.

Cancer Man and Pisces Woman

Both the Cancer man and the Pisces woman are deeply sensitive and compassionate people who really enjoy sharing and receiving love. This means that they understand each other very well and can happily float through life together, overcoming any obstacle in their path.