Cancer and Scorpio

Cancer and Scorpio are two highly compatible signs, both as friends and lovers. This has the potential to be one of the most powerful matches between two astrology signs because Cancer and Scorpio connect emotionally, intellectually, and physically. Cancer is a cardinal Water sign, and Scorpio is a fixed Water sign, which means that these two signs share the same element (Water) and the same energy and aggression. So, if you’re wondering do Cancer and Scorpio go together , you should know that this zodiac pair has an extremely high chance of making it work.

There’s no doubt that there will be an instant attraction between these two signs, and when they get to know each other better, their relationship has a tendency to last a long time. Being Water signs, both Cancer and Scorpio are very sensitive souls who are afraid to let their guard down, but on the other hand, they will feel extremely safe with each other. Also, they are both naturally possessive and suspicious of everyone they meet. Cancer and Scorpio make for wonderful parents who will offer their children a loving, caring, and stable environment.

Continue reading if you want to know what is the best match for a Cancer or to find out more about Cancer and Scorpio compatibility in love, sex, and marriage!

Cancer and Scorpio Love and Romance

Cancer is loving, nurturing sign that thrives on helping others and making them feel loved and relaxed. Cancer is drawn to Scorpio magnetically, and Scorpio finds comfort and solace in the arms of Cancer. So, how do Cancer and Scorpio get along? When it comes to Cancer and Scorpio friendship and love compatibility, these two signs match intuitively and emotionally. Because they’re both Water signs they’re able to connect on a deep spiritual level. Both signs are very empathic, sensitive and jealous. However, Cancer can be a bit too emotional and clingy somtimes, even for the Scorpio. But, if Scorpio is able to recognize that the true reason behind Cancer’s jealousy is a fear of loss or betrayal, they can help the Cancer to overcome their insecurity. On the other hand, Cancer can offer understanding and balance to their emeotionally unstable Scorpio.

However, every relationship has its ups and downs, and Cancer and Scorpio are also bound to encounter some barriers that will test their love and commitment. Cancer can be moody and opinionated , while Scorpio can be stubborn and controlling, so their arguments can be really intense at times. Also, the Cancer is known to hold grudges, while the Scorpio is vengeful, which means that this zodiac couple must learn how to forgive and forget.

Cancer and Scorpio Emotional Compatibility

Cancer and Scorpio are both Water signs with extremely strong and intense emotions. They seek emotional security and they need stability in life. Oddly enough, these two can find that stability and security with each other. Scorpio has a tendency to dismiss their feelings, but Cancer is intuitive and sensitive to their partners’ emotional needs, so they can get Scorpio to open up emotionally. Water signs are deeply intuitive and have a natural feeling for what others need, which means that these two will be able to open up to each other and understand each other’s emotional complexities.

Cancer and Scorpio Sexual Compatibility

Are Cancer and Scorpio sexually compatible? Well, these two are the perfect match in bed. Their relationship is highly sexual, emotional, and intense. Ruled by Mars (passion) and Pluto (power), Scorpio is known as the most sexual sign of the zodiac, while Cancer who is ruled by the Moon (emotion) is a loving and romantic sign. Scorpio is dominant and intense, while Cancer is empathic and able to handle Scorpio’s sexual energy. They’re both sensitive and intuitive, so they’ll know exactly what the other wants in the bedroom. The physical attraction between Cancer and Scorpio is intense, so sex between these two will never be dull.

Cancer and Scorpio Marriage Compatibility

In their day to day life, these two signs will give each other just what they need. In the Scorpio and Cancer marriage they both will have a lot of respect and understanding for each other. They’re both very loyal, trustworthy, and committed, so they won’t stray from the relationship. Even though Cancer and Scorpio can get jealous and possessive sometimes, conflicts won’t arise because they usually perceive these feelings as affirmations of the love and affection they have for each other. When it comes to social life, both signs prefer intimacy and they like to stay at home instead of going out and socializing. Cancer is the Mother of the zodiac and Scorpio is sensitive and intense, which means that they’ll be great parents – very protective and caring. Their home will be a warm, cozy, and loving space, one any child would thrive in.

Cancer and Scorpio Trust and Communication

Water signs are highly intuitive and can sense dishonesty, so trust between Cancer and Scorpio is usually very high. Lying and trying to hide things from one another is useless, as they both have inborn lie detectors. Also, both signs seek security and stability in life and value emotional and physical fidelity, so they would never cheat on their partner.

When it comes to communication, Cancer and Scorpio are able to understand each other without using words. Cancer and Scorpio think alike, so they’re able to finish each other’s sentences. Their communication is really good, but as long as their feelings are not the main theme of conversation. Also, while Cancer is talkative, Scorpio doesn’t like to talk that much, especially at the beginning of the relationship. Scorpio is mysterious and doesn’t like to reveal everything to others. However, as time goes on and trust builds, the Scorpio will lower its guard and will let Cancer in.

Cancer and Scorpio Shared Values

Cancer values love, loyalty, marriage, and wants a stable life with a loving family they can rely on. On the other hand, Scorpio values privacy, personal space, and honesty. However, these two zodiac signs have a lot of things in common. They both want emotional security and they both value commitment, fidelity, and place the utmost importance on their homes and families. Scorpio appreciates Cancer’s loyalty and commitment to their relationship, while Cancer is able to understand Scorpio’s need for privacy and personal space.