Cancer and Pisces

Each zodiac sign has its own set of characteristics that make it recognizable and each one comes with a list of preferences for its ideal partner. When we look at Cancer and Pisces, it seems like no other match would be better. But is that really the case? Cancer is a Cardinal Water sign that is ruled by the Moon. This means that Cancer lets their emotional side lead them throughout life, which makes this star sign prone to inner changes and mood swings. In order to gain a Cancer’s trust, you need to make it feel safe, loved, and protected from the world’s cruelty. It’s hard to get under its shell, but once you do, you will be awarded unconditional warmth, care, and loyalty.

Now, Pisces is also a Water sign with a Mutable quality and it’s ruled by Neptune, who represents “illusions and dreams”. This is exactly what makes a Pisces stand out in a crowd: they always looks like they are standing miles away, living in their own fantasies. Pisces shows remarkable creativity and simply lives to help those around them. Unfortunately, their big brain often makes them want to run from reality because of one simple reason: it just feels nicer in their own thoughts.

Want to know what could bring these two together or drive them apart? Let’s see if Cancer and Pisces are actually compatible in love, sex, emotions, marriage, trust, and values.

Cancer and Pisces Love and Romance

Right from the start, we can see that this is a relationship full of passion and romance. Both Cancer and Pisces are deeply connected to their inner selves and that can help them fulfill each other’s desires, as both signs enjoy sharing and receiving love. They will look to one another for sanctuary and, once trust is no longer a problem, they will immediately sink into their loved one’s arms.

The only way a relationship between Cancer and Pisces can go wrong is if there are misunderstandings regarding personal freedom. Cancer will be willing to do anything for its loved one, but it might have trouble understanding Pisces’ need for liberty and a life outside the relationship. It is possible for Pisces to feel a slight bit suffocated by Cancer’s controlling behavior and its feelings might cool down if there is no mystery left between them. Other than this small chance for things to go wrong, Cancer and Pisces leave us with the impression that they can overcome anything together. These two Water signs seem to be quite compatible with both love and romance, and will gladly express it in the most unique of ways.

Cancer and Pisces Emotional Compatibility

This field is where Cancer and Pisces exceed in compatibility. They both cherish how deeply their partner can get involved emotionally and both their energies will be in constant harmony. Pisces radiates with empathy and that is exactly what Cancer’s secretive side is looking for – someone to listen and understand.

Even though Pisces can show itself to be a bit chaotic at times, Cancer’s traditional vibe and love of domestic life can help balance it out. The two will continuously engage in long, depth-filled conversations about how they feel and they’ll enjoy every second spent doing just that.

Cancer and Pisces Sexual Compatibility

When it comes to sex, it’s no surprise when we say that these two astrological signs have the most intimate of relationships. Filled with strong emotions, Cancer and Pisces will be able to achieve sexual pleasure in the gentlest way possible, allowing themselves to experience true love and affection. Cancer might try to hold back in the beginning, but Pisces’ caring nature will quickly make its partner feel comfortable and safe.

Pisces will gladly show its sexual creativity which might contradict with Cancer’s slightly old-fashioned views. Still, they will both work hard to accept each other for what they are, and in the end, these two will manage to find a balance.

Cancer and Pisces Marriage Compatibility

Once Cancer and Pisces reach married life, everything will go smoothly and the two will drown each other in romantic gestures. Still, knowing them to be Water signs, a small storm might easily stir up the peaceful waters in which they hide. Both of them tend to use their emotions to manipulate others, so this might show to be a great setback for the two. But all of this doesn’t mean they won’t be able to get through it. Every storm comes to an end, and so will theirs. Once they learn to be completely honest with each other and let their partner know exactly how they feel, the peace is likely to return at once.

Cancer and Pisces Trust and Communication

Being a Cardinal sign, Cancer likes to be organized and looks for practicality in every aspect of life, while Pisces’ Mutable qualities make them want to think about anything but reality. This could show to be a small problem in the relationship because, even though they’ll never run out of things to talk about, Cancer will get fed up and will ask for something more than just words and no action.

Still, seeing that they can form an incredibly strong bond and connect on an intense level, trusting each other won’t be an issue. Together, these two signs can overcome their obstacles and work on improving themselves to maintain a healthy relationship.

Cancer and Pisces Shared Values

The reason why this is a tricky topic is that, even though things might seem flawless and amazing so far, these two Water signs can greatly differ in what they value most. Cancer looks for stability above all and wants that perfect family life with an everyday routine. On the other hand, Pisces gets bored easily if the relationship lacks excitement, mystery or an artistic feel. So, even though they both truly value their partner’s passion and emotional nature, things could go south if they don’t meet each other halfway and the relationship will sink.

Despite everything that’s been said, Cancer and Pisces truly make an extraordinary match that can overcome just about anything. We honestly believe these zodiac signs can form a relationship that people will look up to.