Cancer and Libra

The graceful and charming Libra and the sensitive and nurturing Cancer make a sweet, romantic and emotional couple with a huge potential for the long haul. Both peaceful and always looking to avoid conflicts and arguing, Cancer and Libra can have a well-balanced relationship. Although their differences in personality will often make them both feel uncomfortable in each other’s presence, these two astrology signs can work harmoniously into achieving a smooth interaction and focus on their strengths and balance each other’s weaknesses. While Cancer usually seeks peace, comfort and peace in their domestic life, the social butterfly Libra would rather be out and have fun with their friends.

As two highly sensitive and emotional signs, it naturally comes to mind that Cancer and Libra can have a great understanding. And that’s where Cancer’s mood swings step in and make things messy. The mood fluctuations of the Crab is not something that everyone can put up with and Libra is definitely on the side that does not, simply because they don’t understand it. If they find a way to overcome these differences in the beginning of their relationship, these two can surely have a fulfilling relationship. To learn more about the unique Cancer and Libra compatibility , we’ve grouped their compatibility in few different aspects. So, let’s find out how do Cancer and Libra get along in a love affair.

Cancer and Libra Love and Romance

Both emotional and romantic, Cancer and Libra have a similar view on love, but they often make the mistake of not seeing each other as honest as they would prefer. Due to their tendency to be passive at times, taking the initiative will often be a problem for these two. No matter how hard are they attracted to one another, being the first to show affection will be quite a challenge for these passive signs. Avoiding conflicts will help them keep the balance and harmony in the relationship, but when they pile up, the explosion of words could quickly destroy everything they worked on. Also, the sentimental water sign Cancer seeks comfort, security and safety above anything else, while the air sign Libra prefers variety and changes. Unless they find a common ground, this could create serious problems in their love life.

Cancer and Libra Emotional Compatibility

If one were to ask do Cancer and Libra go together judging by their emotional compatibility, then the answer would be not really. As two highly emotional signs, it would make a perfect sense if these two were emotionally compatible. Too bad Cancer and Libra have completely different understanding and ways of dealing with emotions. While Cancer is modest and looks for down-to-Earth kind of love, Libra is looking for a partner who can blow their mind and take them to another galaxy. Libra does not need to eat, sleep or even breath as long as they’re in a perfectly balanced and fulfilling relationship. This is not easy for the Cancer to understand, simply because they prefer grounded sort of love. However, when these two fall deeply in love with one another and truly want to stay together, achieving emotional balance will happen naturally.

Cancer and Libra Sexual Compatibility

While Libra is known for high libido, Cancer needs a lot of time to open up and get intimate with a partner. Taking initiative in bed and lack of passion are two big issues for them both, and this can certainly make their sex life awkward in the beginning. The only way these two can enjoy their sex life is to work hard on understanding each other’s state on sex and take the time they need to build intimacy. If they have already attached emotionally, the sex life of Cancer and Libra will be great. Due to their gentle and caring nature, they will both naturally want to satisfy each other’s deepest sexual desires. Cancer is warm, responsive and sensitive in the bedroom and they always have ideas, while Libra is equally creative and sensual and open to new ideas. So are Cancer and Libra sexually compatible? It depends on their patience to build a strong intimate bond.

Cancer and Libra Marriage Compatibility

What keeps this couple together is their mutual need for a harmonious home life. If they manage to align their individual goals in the relationship, a Cancer and Libra marriage may work. Adapting to each other’s opposing nature will be a tough challenge. The deeply emotional Cancer desires a secure home and Libra wants a committed partner who’ll take them to the moon and back on a daily occasion. Their tendency to avoid conflicts can often threaten their balance, but their sense of humor will be a great tool they can use to compromise. For long term success, these two will need to find activities they both enjoy, such as traveling, learning a new language, learning to play an instrument, doing sports, etc. Although not the best of ideas, a marriage between Cancer and Libra can happen when these two fall madly in love with one another and absolute devotion from both can make it work.

Cancer and Libra Trust and Communication

In order the Cancer and Libra relationship to work, it is crucial for them to gain each other’s trust. They will both have to be honest and truthful, and capable of trusting in other people. For Cancer, trusting other people is not as difficult as Libra, who finds it a bit more difficult to do that. As a highly sociable individual, Libra may want a much different life than a quiet family life and this can make it more difficult to trust in them. When trust is established, Cancer will show their utterly compassionate side.

Libra’s life approach is based on intellect, while Cancer’s primarily on emotions. Although this means they experience life differently and it will be hard to find something to talk about, Cancer and Libra can still share a few interests and respect each other’s individual ones. The grounded Cancer cannot understand how Libra can like being so far from the reality, which could make them passive and that could threaten their relationship. It is important for these two to keep each other grounded and realistic.

Cancer and Libra Shared Values

The force that keeps this couple together is their mutual desire to achieve a peaceful, well-balanced and harmonious relationship and they will work really hard to achieve that. Even though Libra likes to go out, socialize with their friends and meet new people, they share the same appreciation for domestic stability and balance with the Cancer. They both love luxury and comforts in life and truly enjoy in aesthetics. Unfortunately, they have completely different views on relationships and many other values. However, they will have to learn that they have views on the world and that is alright. So if you’re looking for an answer to the question what is the best match for a Cancer , then you should know it’s definitely not Libra.