Cancer and Cancer

If you were wondering what is the best match for a Cancer, the answer is Cancer. A Cancer and Cancer relationship is highly emotional, comfortable and utterly satisfying for both. As two highly sensitive individuals, this Water sign match can work perfectly. They are both caring and nurturing horoscope signs, and they love feeling safe and secure with their partner. Once these two meet their souls and fall deeply in love, they can be incredibly devoted and loyal to one another. Due to their tendency to avoid confrontations, their dates will be comfortable yet intense on emotions.

Cancerians pick up other people’s moods and states of minds quickly and easily, which in other cases would be harder to work with it. With a fellow Cancer in a relationship, however, their fluctuating moods will not be a problem, as they both have them and are the only ones who can understand this not-so-desirable trait. They are also each other’s best bet of having their self-pitying tendencies understood. Another reason why the Cancer and Cancer compatibility ranks so high on the compatibility scale is their shared love for home and family. Read on to find out how do Cancer and Cancer get along in a romantic relationship and how they click intellectually, emotionally and sexually.

Cancer and Cancer Love and Romance

Cuddly, shy and romantic, two Cancerians in a relationship can really make a great romantic story with two lovers crazy for each other, some drama and multiple plot twists. Achieving a strong intimate bond is impossible for a Cancer unless that person is the right one. But that’s not the case when a fellow Cancer takes their breath away. These two highly emotional signs can easily and quickly get so comfortable with each other that they will eagerly meat each other’s parents in order to get their partner approved. It shouldn’t come as a surprise if these two go on a getaway weekend soon after they meet and come back engaged and ready to start living together. Keep in mind that a Cancer would not do such a spontaneous thing with another sign, because it’s only a Cancer that gives them the comfort and security they seek.

Cancer and Cancer Emotional Compatibility

It’s well known that Cancer is the most emotional zodiac sign. In love terms, that means that they give and seek emotional depth that can be overwhelming for most signs of the zodiac. Guess what sign is not afraid of handling such intense and complex emotions? Of course Cancer. Cancer and Cancer understand each other just perfectly and they know just the right amount of closeness, honesty, faithfulness, warmth and love that a romantic relationship requires. Although they often experience mood swings and their emotional state can be shaky at times, their caring nature and commitment to the relationship will be enough to see them through all. The best way two Cancers can experience and handle their emotions for one another is to start a life together and share a home, as they are both extremely passionate about starting a family.

Cancer and Cancer Sexual Compatibility

Cancer is someone who is almost impossible to give into the pleasures of physical intimacy before establishing a deep emotional core and getting to know their partner well. The best thing about a Cancer and Cancer relationship is that these two find it easy to build emotional stability and express their feelings for one another, so they won’t have to wait long to go in the bedroom and nurture each other’s sexual desires. As they start getting comfortable with each other, they will be discovering each other’s sexual weirdness, because Cancers usually tend to keep stuff deep beneath their surface. The only problem with these two is that it can be really difficult for both of them to take initiative, which could be a real sexual drive killer. Once they overcome their fears of being judged and feel free to show their true selves, the sex life of two Cancers will not only blow their minds, but also bring them closer.

Cancer and Cancer Marriage Compatibility

There is probably no other zodiac sign that desires marriage more than a Cancer. That being said, it’s perfectly clear that a Cancer and Cancer marriage can work like a charm. When a Cancer establishes a solid foundation with a fellow Cancer and they’re completely devoted to one another, their love can easily lead them to tying the knot. Even though their constant mood swings can hurt each other feelings on a regular basis, their intense feelings and devotion will help them prevail all obstacles and succeed in the game of love. Known as natural nurturers, these two make great parents and having children together may give them a new purpose for life, as they see it as a new opportunity to give unconditional love and care to someone.

Cancer and Cancer Trust and Communication

Since it doesn’t take long for Cancer and Cancer friendship to happen, two Cancers find it quite easy to trust each other. In a romantic relationship, however, they might need a little bit more time to get out of their shell. There’s only one way a two Cancers relationship can prevail: absolute trust in one another. And that’s exactly what they intend to do. Once they are aware of their feelings for one another and can see themselves with each other years from now, they will trust each other to the bone.

If Cancers were to speak as much as they feel, they would easily be considered as the most talkative people in the zodiac. Luckily, Cancerians are big fans of non-verbal communication and professionals at keeping themselves quiet for prolonged periods of time. While this could be considered as annoying or disrespectful by other zodiac signs, a fellow Cancer would understand them perfectly and give them the silence and peace without even being asked to. Nevertheless, Cancerians do like to talk about everything that’s important with their partner. Anyway, verbal communication is overrated, right Cancerians?

Cancer and Cancer Shared Values

In a Cancer-Cancer relationship, their similarities will reflect on the values they share. Both like adventures but in the same time security and stability too – this balance is really hard to achieve and can only work in a two Cancers relationship. As two family individuals, Cancerians like to focus on one person, place or thing at a time and that makes them ideal for the long haul. This couple also shares the same amount of curiosity, imagination and sensitivity. Since they are both Water signs, they will have so many similarities that it could become a problem. Of course they will find themselves enjoying the same activities equally, but when the relationship settles, they will have to work hard to not get stuck in a rut.