Best Tarot Cards For Children

Tarot cards can be a helpful tool in nurturing your child’s spiritual development and fostering their creativity and imagination. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best tarot decks for children that can help them explore their emotions, build their confidence, and develop their intuition in a fun and engaging way.

Best Tarot Cards For Children - Nurture Your Child's Spiritual Development

Tarot cards may help youngsters connect with their intuition and explore their inner world. Here are a few decks created specifically for children and young adults:

Oracle of Animal Voices

This deck depicts endangered animals from throughout the globe, with the goal of connecting youngsters with their energy and knowledge. Each of the 31 cards has a depiction of the animal in its natural environment, as well as keywords that provide direction and inspiration. The deck also includes a booklet with further information on each animal and ideas for how to utilize the cards.

The Children Tarot

The Children Tarot is a charming and entertaining deck with young and innocent drawings in pastel hues. The large arcana cards are adorable and cheerful, while the lesser arcana cards feature pip-style layouts with little drawings that convey a tale. The deck is intended to assist youngsters in participating in life’s fairy story and exploring their creativity and imagination.

Connolly Tarot

Inspired by Christian iconography, the Connolly Tarot is a stunning deck with brilliant and vivid graphics. The deck was created to be softer and kinder than conventional tarot decks, and even the frightening cards (such as Death and the Devil) have been toned down to be less menacing. The deck may be used to teach youngsters empathy, compassion, and forgiveness.

Cosmic Slumber Tarot

Inspired by the odd and mysterious realm of dreams, this deck has 80 cards illustrated by comic book artist Tillie Walden. The cards are vivid and dynamic, with a pleasant and inviting feel that is ideal for youngsters. The deck may be an excellent instrument for delving into the subconscious mind and engaging the imagination.

Although the Disney Afternoon Tarot deck is no longer available for purchase, there are many other tarot cards that contain famous characters and themes that youngsters may enjoy.

Choosing Tarot Decks for Kids

Best Tarot Cards For Children - Nurture Your Child's Spiritual Development

When choosing a tarot deck for a kid, consider the deck’s age appropriateness as well as the youngster’s hobbies and personality. A deck that speaks to the child’s imagination and connects with them may be a tremendous instrument for personal development and self-discovery. If you’re searching for a tarot deck to introduce your youngster to divination, there are various alternatives available. Here are a couple decks to think about:

Elemental Tarot for Children

This 71-card deck is designed for youngsters aged nine and above. To make it more kid-friendly, it simplifies conventional tarot pictures and eliminates any negative cards.

Fairy-tale Tarot

Although this deck is still in the works and not yet available for purchase, it’s worth keeping a watch out for it. This computer collage deck includes graphics inspired by Russian fairy tales that are colorful and cheery.

The Happy Tarot

The Happy Tarot is a colorful and enjoyable deck that invites the reader to concentrate on the good parts of life. The 78 cards are illustrated with attractive and bright images of confectionery, ice cream, and other joyful themes.

The Inner Child Cards

The Inner Child Cards are a series of big cards with bright, crayon-like artwork that covers fairy tales, mythologies, and ecological themes. These cards are intended to stimulate the inner child’s creativity and imagination.

Les Adorables Tarot

This majors-only deck has 23 thin, lengthy cards with charming watercolor anime illustrations. It also features The Simpsons’ classic Happy Squirrel card!

Oracle of Mystical Unicorns

While not precisely a tarot deck, the Magical Unicorns Oracle is a pleasant collection of 44 cards that people of all ages may appreciate. The cards include bright unicorn images and inspiring sentiments of hope and encouragement.

While choosing a tarot deck for a kid, keep their age and interests in mind. Younger children may prefer cards with bright and joyful graphics, but older children may prefer decks that explore more sophisticated issues.

Tarot Decks for Kids: A Joyful and Enlightening Experience

Best Tarot Cards For Children - Nurture Your Child's Spiritual Development

Regardless of the deck you choose, exposing your kid to divination may be a joyful and enlightening experience that fosters creativity, imagination, and self-discovery. There are a range of interesting and innovative decks available for youngsters that are interested in tarot. Here are a few such examples:

Unicorn Tarot

Based on mythological animals such as unicorns and Pegasus, this deck offers intricate and beautiful graphics that are likely to captivate a child’s imagination.

Manga Tarot

Designed by Taiwanese artist Selena Lin, this deck offers adorable and romantic shojo manga artwork. The 78 cards feature big-eyed figures that are guaranteed to appeal to adolescent females.


This colorful deck has little monsters, bugs, and other whimsical creatures that are meant to connect with a kid’s inner child. It is a positive and affirming deck that may assist youngsters in developing confidence and self-esteem.

Power Stone in My Pocket

This 36-card deck of affirmations is intended for both youngsters and adults who want to reconnect with their inner child. On the back, each card has a delicate image of one of the four elements (earth, air, fire, or water) with a message of love, support, and encouragement.

Critters with Stickees Tarot

Based on the Rider-Waite Tarot, but with a unique twist: the characters are animal stick figures! This deck was designed by an artist for her son and is suitable for younger children.

Regardless of the deck you choose, exposing your kid to tarot can be a rewarding and educational experience. Tarot cards may assist youngsters develop their intuition, creativity, and imagination while also serving as a tool for self-reflection and personal development. There are many alternatives available if you’re looking for a tarot deck that is acceptable for youngsters or has a whimsical tone.

Unusual and Innovative Tarot Decks for Kids

Here are a few unusual and innovative tarot decks that can pique a child’s interest:

Tarocco Balocco

This deck, often known as the Tarot of Toys, depicts old-fashioned playthings connected with the main arcana archetypes, such as porcelain dolls and tin sand-pit buckets. It’s a colorful and enjoyable deck that might be an excellent approach to introduce youngsters to the world of tarot.

Tarot Nova

Tarot Nova is a 78-card deck featuring reduced Rider-Waite artwork on a black backdrop. It’s a lovely and approachable deck suitable for toddlers, and it comes in two versions: one with small foldout cards and one with full sized cards.

Ursidae Tarot

This handcrafted deck has teddy bears suited for each tarot scenario as well as Qabbalistic and astrological connotations on each card. It’s a fun and different spin on conventional tarot images that’s guaranteed to appeal to kids.

Vibrational Earth Children Oracle

This non-denominational deck offers 52 uplifting cards with easy and positive themes for children aged eight and above. It may be used alone or with adult supervision and is an excellent tool for teaching youngsters self-esteem, confidence, and awareness.

Fairy Tale Tarot

This cheerful and charming tarot deck, designed by Dorothy Morrison and painted by Mary Hanson-Roberts, is inspired by fairy tales and nursery rhymes. Although it is not intended for children, its fun visuals and good sentiments make it an excellent pick for youngsters who are interested in tarot.

Introducing children to tarot, regardless of deck, may be a fun and engaging approach to develop creativity, imagination, and self-discovery. Tarot may assist youngsters develop their intuition and critical thinking abilities, as well as give a tool for self-reflection and personal development. Searching for a tarot deck that is both entertaining and interesting for people of all ages? Look no further than the world of tarot!

Unusual and Entertaining Tarot Decks to Consider

Best Tarot Cards For Children - Nurture Your Child's Spiritual Development

Consider the following unusual and entertaining options:

White Sage Tarot

A quiet and clean deck of good and benign energy, this minimalist deck blends animals in the major arcana with chakra energies in the minor arcana. It’s appropriate for all ages and has gentle, calming artwork.

Wizard’s Pets Tarot

A fun and playful variation of the Rider-Waite deck, this child-friendly deck has a mix of dragons and humans on its colorful cards. This deck, designed by Pamela Steele, whose debut endeavor was the Steele Wizard Tarot, is likely to pique a child’s interest.

The Tarot of Wonderland

This deck reimagines the Rider-Waite deck with oysters, flamingos, hats, peppermills, and other quirky symbols based on the famous narrative of Alice in Wonderland. Tweedledee and Tweedledum are even on the Lovers card!

There’s certain to be a deck that meets your requirements, whether you’re introducing your youngster to tarot or searching for a deck that’s fun and entertaining. Tarot may be an effective tool for self-reflection and personal development, as well as for helping youngsters develop their intuition, imagination, and creativity. Therefore, why not dive into the realm of tarot today with a fun and imaginative deck?