Which Avenger Are You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Ever since the release of the first movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) “Iron Man” in 2008, superheroes are all the rage around the world. There are currently 20 movies released up to date and 12 in different stages of production. Everything that’s happening in these movies is happening in the same universe, which means they are all linked.

If you are a die-hard fan of Marvel, you surely have a favorite character that you would gladly take their role if offered and join in the battle against Thanos. You may even have your own idea of how to prevent him from gathering all six infinity stones and stop the iconic CLAP!

Captain America and Iron Man are undoubtedly the two most famous Marvel characters, as the story is heavily linked to them and their actions, but the other characters are just as iconic in their own rights. In this article you can find out which Avenger is most similar to you based on your zodiac sign, so next time you imagine yourself among the Avengers, you will know exactly what superhero to be.

Aries: Captain Americahttps://cultureastrology.com/zodiac-signs/

Individuals born under the first sign of the zodiac are definitely a lot like the first Avenger. The brave but physically weak patriot wanted to become a soldier so badly that he accepted to be a test subject to a team of scientist for a super-soldier serum. That’s how Steve Rogers became Captain America, a super-soldier who exceeds at making tactics, giving orders and taking the lead. Aries is also known for his bravery, confidence and leadership capabilities. The Captain’s throwing of his shield reminds a lot of Aries’ throwing harsh words when pissed off as means to solving problems.

Taurus: Hawkeye

The practical and straight-to-the-point superhero who relies on a bow and arrow and has no super powers, Hawkeye is an important yet overlooked addition to the team. Trained from childhood to various of fighting techniques, Clint Barton is a skilled Avenger whose open-mindedness helped the team in solving a handful of problems. Taurus, much like Hawkeye, is also practical and realistic and keeps the people around them down-to-Earth. Hawkeye’s dry humor and sense of responsibility perfectly fit into Taurus’ personality.

Gemini: Black Widow

Much like the Gemini, Black Widow is an Avenger everybody loves, though nobody knows nothing about her. Natasha Romanoff is a strong and independent woman with a mysterious personality and dark past that she never speaks off. She is unpredictable and always handles her own problems herself. Gemini is just as impulsive by nature as Natasha and possesses just as much energy. Usually she’s open minded, but she can also get stubborn at times and strive to do things her way.

Cancer: Hulk

There’s only one Avenger that has the same personality as a Cancer and, to a big surprise of many, that’s no other but the Hulk. The emotional Cancer is empathic, considerate and prone to quick mood changes. Controlling their own emotions is one of their biggest flaws in their personality, as it’s Bruce Banner’s. When Bruce’s heart rate increases, the green beast comes out and destroys everything that gets in their way. Cancerians may not destroy everything the way Hulk does, but they can make an enemy out of a friend surprisingly quickly.

Leo: Star Lord

The inconsiderate risk-taker Peter Quill is much like a Leo. He’s courageous, always follows his heart, likes new experiences and lives for the moment. When Star Lord wants to do something, he does it; without thinking about possible complications, consequences or whatsoever. However, he’s creative in what he does and he’s a funny travel buddy. His arrogance and self-centered behavior is also similar to Leo’s. The urge to be in the spotlight is one more thing this Avenger and this zodiac sign share.

Virgo: Doctor Strange

The smartest zodiac sign Virgo would undoubtedly be Doctor Strange in the Marvel Universe. Much like Doctor Strange, Virgo is analytical and logical, with the tendency to question everything. He can be self-critical at times, but that only makes him a better wizard. Virgo can often get obsessed with work, whether it’s on a project or themselves, which is exactly how Doctor Strange found a way to heal his body after a car accident through ways that go beyond reality.

Libra: Black Panther

The peaceful and graceful nature of Black Panther makes it obvious which zodiac sign this Avenger is most similar with. Black Panther is a fair-minded justice seeker whose ways of solving problems are diplomatic. The king of Wakanda always has a plan and he will do everything within his power to keep the balance and harmony in his country in tact. Similarly to the Libra, his biggest weaknesses are indecisiveness and self-criticism. Their reliability is also questionable, because they are constantly in a state of not being sure.

Scorpio: Loki

Scorpio is the God of Mischief. Loki is a mischievous, secretive, manipulative and diplomatic villain-turned-into-a-hero who is impossible to rely on. This unreliable Avenger has brought a lot of troubles to the Avengers, as a consequence to his inconsistency. Loki can get obsessed with stuff just like Scorpio usually does. He can disappear any time he is not comfortable using his magical powers. Scorpio may not have magical powers, but they also know how to disappear when they are not comfortable or do not have the control in a certain situation.

Sagittarius: Spider Man

Determined, brave, passionate and adventuristic, Sagittarius makes a great Spider Man. The boy who got bitten by a spider and became superhero is someone they all want to stick around. He is fun, energetic, optimistic and always full of ideas, however, he is usually misguided. Spider Man appears as immature, but he is quite intellectual, just like Sagittarius. Both Sagittarius and Spider Man like to jump from one to another adventure before the first one actually ends. Their emotional depth is also often overlooked, as it is well hidden beneath their childish nature.

Capricorn: Thor

Thor is an ambitious, loyal and friendly Avenger whose confidence and determination have often been the key to battling evil. While Capricorn is a cool, calm and collected zodiac sign, they can be quite thunderous when provoked. The God of Thunder is fearless and always speaks his guts, without caring if the truth offends someone. Thor is also into physical activities and challenges, just like Capricorn. It’s easy to make friends with these, but there’s no guarantee how long can a bond last.

Aquarius: Iron Man

Tony Stark is a natural born leader like the leader of the zodiac Aquarius. The stubborn and outside-the-box thinker is innovative and original and likes making stuff out of nothing (as seen in the first movie when he made his first suit in the prison). Although he is a humanitarian just like the Aquarius, he pokes fun at literally everyone and his sarcasm is often annoying for the other Avengers. The charismatic Avengers member is easy to love and even though he does not appear serious, he can take the role of a leader with confidence.

Pisces: Vision

The imaginative, quiet and mysterious Avenger Vision is a typical Pisces. Vision is curious, free-spirited and humble and needless to say, he likes living in his imaginative world. While he is not actually a human, he knows how to behave like one just so he can fit. This android in a Vibranium body spends a lot of time thinking and analyzing, and most of the time, his only goal is to meet other people’s needs rather than his own. Pisces is just as selfless and compassionate as Vision.