Aries and Virgo

A Aries-Virgo relationship is bound to be a bumpy road, but if both partners are equally committed, it can work. In terms of zodiac compatibility, Aries and Virgo do not score very high, as they have different personalities and different views on love, romance, sex, marriage and so on. While the fire sign Aries loves independence, freedom, adventures and risks, the earth sign Virgo is all about practicality, protocols and rules. Aries and Virgo are so different from each other that they will often run into fights, mostly due to their different moral values. Although they both tend to be stubborn, when the goal-driven Aries and perfectionist Virgo set the course towards a common mission, their bond will benefit, which boosts the Aries and Virgo compatibility. In the beginning, they will have a hard time understanding each other’s personalities, life goals and beliefs, but once they do, there is a great long-term potential. To find out how do Aries and Virgo get along in more details, continue reading.

Aries and Virgo Love and Romance

The opposites attract, and a relationship between an Aries and Virgo can happen, although not the best idea. When both partners are committed, however, they can make it work. The initial attraction is strong with these two, but they have very unique approaches to love which can make things unbalanced. The good thing is they can both understand each other’s idea of love and accept it as is. If both Aries and Virgo are focused on all the good things about each other, their relationship will go smoothly and they may find themselves planning their future together. In love life, Aries can teach Virgo how to take things less seriously, while Virgo can teach Aries how to slow down, be more patient and think more before acting. Learning things from each other may be a great way to increase the respect and love for each other.

Aries and Virgo Emotional Compatibility

Handling emotions is not something each of these two zodiac signs is good at, which is why their emotional compatibility can be described as poor. An Aries and Virgo friendship turned into a relationship may be the only way these two can actually click emotionally. As Virgo would prefer a partner who is all about emotions, Aries is clearly not a perfect match. But as aforementioned, it can happen. While Aries loves honesty and loyalty at their partner, Virgo have a constant need to control their partner because of their fear of losing them. This can be incredibly upsetting for the ever independent Aries and make it really hard to work it out. With a lot of hard work, however, Aries and Virgo relationship can work on a fair emotional level, but due to their major differences, it may probably never reach an exceptional emotional level.

Aries and Virgo Sexual Compatibility

The high libido and sexual drive of an Aries can be too much for a shy and practical Virgo, even if they try really hard to rationalize that difference. While Aries is all about physical, fast and rough sex, Virgo may feel like there is a lack of tenderness between the sheets. When Aries doesn’t understand and respect Virgo’s need for a little bit of sensitivity, problems may arise. Unlike Aries, Virgo needs a lot more time, patience and a whole lot of foreplay to express their sexuality. The energetic Ram comes in as rough due to their passionate nature, which the Virgo will find utterly unattractive. In order to be fully satisfied sexually and feel completely safe, these two will need to work really hard to build their own world of intimacy.

Aries and Virgo Marriage Compatibility

While fire signs tend to explore, go on adventures, grow and spread their wings, earth signs long for stability in their lives. Both signs may be afraid of matrimony, but if their emotional and sexual compatibility are strong, marriage will only be one of their life goals that is going to make their list. The analytical Virgo will be thrilled to hear all about Aries’ ideas, take them seriously and try to help them perfect them. While Aries and Virgo may have similar ideals and beliefs, they present their views and live out their principles in completely different ways. In Aries and Virgo marriage, there is a lot they can learn from each other. Working as a team can allow these two to realize each and every one of the dreams they share.

Aries and Virgo Trust and Communication

Communication could be one of their strongest points where they easily get each other. While the earth sign Virgo is patient, analytical and would rather stay quiet whenever someone gets angry, loud or harsh on words, the fiery Aries is impulsive and can easily get into fight. Therefore, loud statements and shouting will have no place in an Aries-Virgo relationship. When they manage to keep the calmness, the communication between these two is going to be flawless. Aside from having conflicts from time to time, Aries and Virgo will understand each other well.

If Aries and Virgo manage to click emotionally and mentally, they will find it easy to trust each other. The detective minded Virgo usually need some time to earn the trust in someone, especially if that is someone who hates being bossed, controlled or someone who values freedom as much as an Aries. When they do, they are faithful partners and value honesty as much as Aries. And when Aries and Virgo set a solid foundation based on honesty, trusting each other will become their second nature.

Aries and Virgo Shared Values

If one were to judge whether do Aries and Virgo go together by their shared values, the answer is hard to tell. While it’s perfectly clear that Aries and Virgo are no perfect match, there are many things they equally value. Honesty, loyalty, hard work, ambition and goal-driven personality is what both value the most, and that doesn’t only make them great friends and colleagues, but excellent life partners as well. If their relationship is based on a mutual project or business idea, their relationship will have much more meaning for as they are both heavily goal-driven individuals. There will probably be many more things they value, but these are believed to be where they click the most.