Aquarius and Scorpio

Scorpio belongs to the Water element, while Aquarius belongs to the Air element, so astrologically speaking, these two signs do not make a good match. Even though they’re strongly attracted to one another, Scorpio and Aquarius are too different, so when they get together for a relationship, it’s either going to be amazing or really bad. At the beginning, Scorpio will be attracted to Aquarius’ eccentric personality, and Aquarius will be extremely drawn to the deep and mysterious Scorpio. Despite their mutual physical attraction, these two star signs are just way too different to stay together.

Scorpio and Aquarius friendship is a relationship between two people with extremely different charaters and different outlooks on life. However, these polar opposites can still strike a balance and enjoy a beautiful relationship, if they decide to open themselves up to each other’s different ways and unique personalities.

So, do Scorpio and Aquarius go together ? Here’s our full analysis of Scorpio and Aquarius compatibility in love, sex, and marriage!

Scorpio and Aquarius Love and Romance

Scorpio is a Water sign and as such, this lover is mysterious, intense, passionate, and extremely possessive. On the other hand, Aquarius is an Air sign – adventurous, rebellious, independent, and a deep thinker with a need for freedom. Both being fixed signs, these two will be naturally attracted to one another. They’re both strong-willed and independent, so their relationship will be intense and will never be boring. Scorpio’s mysterious and unpredictable nature will be attracting to Aquarius, who tends to be free-spirited, cool, and aloof. However, traditional Scorpio expects 100% commitment and Aquarius needs freedom and doesn’t want to commit, so this can become a major issue in their relationship. If Aquarius feels safe and comfortable enough in the relationship with their Scorpio, they will definitely commit and give up some of their freedom. In a relationship, Scorpio is the most loyal and loving partner in the world, but if you betray them or break their heart, they will become your worst enemy. Scorpios are vengeful and find it hard to forgive and forget. If these two want their relationship to work out, Aquarius should try to be serious and a little more committed, and Scorpio should relax and try to be less controlling.

Scorpio and Aquarius Emotional Compatibility

There are some major emotional differences between Scorpio and Aquarius. While Scorpio is a more emotional sign with deep, intense feelings, Aquarius’ responses are mainly ruled by logic and reasoning. Aquarius’ unemotional objectivity can cut through Scorpio’s emotional intensity, enabling the Scorpio to snap out of their dark moods. However, Aquarius’ tendency to over-intellectualize some sensitive emotional issues that their partner takes very seriously, can give their Scorpio partner the impression that they’re indifferent. Aquarius is a sign that values their own freedom and independence, so they will rarely tolerate someone who tries to control them.

Scorpio and Aquarius Sexual Compatibility

They’re not very compatible in love, but, are Scorpio and Aquarius sexually compatible signs? The sexual energy between Scorpio and Aquarius is explosive. Ruled by both Mars and Pluto, Scorpio is mysterious, magnetic, and intense. A lot of signs can’t handle the intensity of Scorpio, but Aquarius is not intimated and sees the Scorpio as a challenge.

As a typical Air sign, Aquarius likes versatility and has a penchant for trying out new things. Scorpio is passionate and intense in the bedroom and is also willing to try new things. However, Scorpio tends to be more controlling and dominating, and Aquarius is a sign that doesn’t want to be manipulated. Therefore, despite their strong sexual chemistry, Scorpio can seem too possessive to the freedom-loving Aquarius.

Scorpio and Aquarius Marriage Compatibility

How do Scorpio and Aquarius get along as a couple? When it comes to marriage, Scorpio and Aquarius are not really compatible. Scorpio is highly emotional and possessive and will want to reserve Aquarius as their exclusive property. Aquarius doesn’t like to be controlled and longs to be free all the time, so there will be lots of jealous scenes that can eventually destroy their marriage. Scorpio is a sign that has a tendency to dominate and is prone to jealousy, so, the Aquarius who values their independence, will find their Scorpio partner a bit too possessive for them. Also, Aquarius is careless and detached sign that is afraid of commitment, while Scorpio is much more emotionally demanding and if these demands are not met, they will feel neglected and ignored by their partner. Scorpio wants the emotional intimacy and commitment, that Aquarius simply isn’t capable of delivering. Therefore, it is safe to say that Scorpio and Aquarius marriage is a marriage that won’t last.

Scorpio and Aquarius Trust and Communication

As we mentioned before, Scorpio is naturally suspicious, possessive and prone to jealousy, so they find it difficult to trust their Aquarius partner. To make matters worse, Aquarius is a rebel, the sign of freedom and independence, known for having a wandering eye and all of this can only contribute to Scorpio’s jealousy. These two signs need to learn to accept themselves as they are and if they can do that, they can easily build trust in their relationship.

When it comes to communication, as long as these two don’t give in to their stubborn ways, they could have the most amazing and memorable conversations one can imagine. Their innate differences are what make their conversations lively and interesting, so once they tune into one another, they can talk about anything under the Sun. However, Scorpio tends to over-analyze everything to the smallest detail and can become obsessed with a given issue, so Aquarius will find this trait exhausting.

Scorpio and Aquarius Shared Values

Scorpio puts a high value on commitment, intimacy, loyalty, and emotional connection, while Aquarius values their freedom and independence more than anything else.

So, if you’re wondering what is the best match for a Scorpio , this is definitely not the best match for this sign. In fact, Aquarius is considered to be one of the worst matches for Scorpio. This zodiac couple has too many differences, and with both signs having a fixed nature, they can be stubborn and unrelenting, so compromise and understanding will not come easy. If they don’t accept their differences, both partners will feel unsatisfied in the relationship.