Aquarius and Libra

Each zodiac sign behaves differently when entering a relationship. Some keep their distance, others cling to their partners, and some need time to loosen up. Want to know what happens when Aquarius and Libra decide to take a chance?

On one hand, we have a Cardinal Air sign that is under the influence of Venus, the planet of love and beauty. A person born under Libra’s sign is kind-hearted, caring, and always helpful to others. Most of all, a Libra wants fairness and peaceful surroundings, and that’s why this sign normally stays away from anything that could “disrupt the harmony”. This doesn’t mean they’re cowardly, only that they want to be loved by everyone around them.

On the other hand, Aquarius is also an Air sign but with a Fixed quality. Ruled by Uranus, Aquarius is a great thinker and a persistent freedom-seeker. They are always a bit different than anyone else and they don’t like being judged for it. Being a bit unstable and with a short temper, Aquarius is the sign with the weirdest and most creative ideas in the entire zodiac, making it very hard to predict what goes on in their head.

Does this Libra-Aquarius combination sound like it’s going to work or are they in for a disaster? Let’s see if Libra and Aquarius are actually compatible in love, sex, life, marriage, trust, or values.

Libra and Aquarius Love and Romance

In a special love match like this one, we can’t expect anything less than large doses of kindness and a whole lot of help for those in need. Aquarius basically lives for charity organizations, while Libra tries to take care of those who are closest, but they’re both doing it for the same purpose – to heal and nurture the damaged. This will bring them close and it might be the reason for their love to begin.

In a relationship, Libra tends to idealize their partner and oftentimes ends up getting disappointed when their loved one can’t live up to those high expectations. Luckily, Aquarius will charm Libra with their unique perspective on life and their innovative ideas. Still, Aquarius might sometimes get sidetracked by the constant need to move forward and try new things, but Libra will give them a reason to pause for a second and just relax.

With both of them being Air signs, it’s easier for them to understand one another’s needs and desires. Libra’s adjustable nature is a big plus and it fits perfectly with Aquarius’ open mind. Thanks to these traits, they’ll be able to keep up with each other without becoming bored or feeling the need to cling to their partner.

Libra and Aquarius Emotional Compatibility

Regarding emotions, these two signs are somewhat alike. Libra is the insecure type that holds back any comment that might lead to a conflict. They are very objective about everything, but hate being judged or criticized, so they keep quiet until one day they crack and let everything out in the open.

Aquarius is no better at expressing emotions, but they are not afraid of speaking what’s on their mind and they never fear other people’s opinions. But no worries, an emotional bond between these two is definitely possible. They can learn plenty from each other – Libra will see that it’s OK to complain every once in a while, and Aquarius will accept the fact that they’re not fighting against the world alone.

Libra and Aquarius Sexual Compatibility

When it comes to their sex life, Libra and Aquarius usually aim toward different things. Libra has a constant need to be loved and accepted, so they will try to be “normal” in order to escape criticism. What this Air sign doesn’t know is that Aquarius will most likely look for a wacky, weird side in their partner.

The plus side here is that both signs will be open to learning as much as they can from their loved one. Libra will loosen up and explore their sexual desires, while Aquarius will be satisfied by the fact that they’re sharing something intimate with a loved one without freaking them out.

Libra and Aquarius Marriage Compatibility

Marriage is sort of a tricky topic for these two, because they don’t really agree on whether or not it should really happen. Libra will basically do anything to fit in with the crowd and will probably behave the same way once married. This sign is known for avoiding responsibilities and will most likely leave all the decision-making to their partner.

Now, Aquarius wants nothing less than to fit in. They are extremely spontaneous and will look for excitement and fun wherever they go. Aquarius might end up disappointed if Libra can’t offer just that.

Libra and Aquarius Trust and Communication

To earn Libra’s trust, one must be very patient. Time is of the essence, but Aquarius can handle it. What they most definitely won’t handle is Libra’s needy behavior and clingy nature. Aquarius wants freedom – lots of it. Still, they will need to learn that in order to keep their Libra partner, they will have to suck it up and be there when times are tough.

Communication won’t be a problem because both signs love long discussions and philosophical debates. They probably won’t talk about emotions all that much, but they will be able to understand each other perfectly, which will help grow their mutual respect for one another.

Libra and Aquarius Shared Values

Being intelligent and energetic individuals, both Libra and Aquarius adore one another’s intellect and train of thought. They value their partner’s tendency for pacifism and extreme fairness. What they might stumble upon is the fact that Libra wants to feel loved even if it means spending every moment with their partner, while Aquarius will seek their freedom whether their partner likes it or not.

This is the perfect opportunity for Libra to learn about independence and Aquarius to learn to be more tolerant of those who don’t agree with their beliefs. In the end, all they have to do is focus their energy toward one thing at a time and work on it. They can truly make a great couple.