Aquarius and Leo

When Aquarius and Leo start a romantic relationship, it’s a chill, fun, stimulating and certainly one that leaves an impression that can go for the long haul. Leo is known as an egoist, a show off who owns the spotlight wherever they go. Aquarius is the ruler of the zodiac’s eleventh house and they too want to be in charge of things, especially when there are people to be led. As competitive as these two attention seekers and grabbers are, they are bound to have a plenty of fights. Regardless, Aquarius and Leo both know how to stay away from boredom and they are always indulged into fun activities.

These two opposing signs, assumably, have a lot of differences and they can have a solid relationship under certain conditions. As a Fire sign, Leo is emotional, passionate, spontaneous and outgoing, while Aquarius, as an Air sign, is cool, detached, often in their head and way too rational for Leo’s taste. However, they are very similar on at least one term: self-centered and strong-willed. They have strong views on everything and when challenged, they will start a fight in a blink of an eye. The Aquarius and Leo compatibility is really unique in many terms, so if you want to learn more about how do they get along in love, romance, sex and marriage, just read on!

Aquarius and Leo Love and Romance

This love match is surely not one that can be described as too romantic, simply because their views on love and romance are different more often than not. While Leo is a romantic at heart and they want all the flattery in the world, Aquarius feels suffocated by too much affection which is why they don’t appear as someone who’s overly into someone. However, Leo can teach Aquarius a lot about love if their ego doesn’t get in the way. Aquarius is usually used to giving love mentally, not passionately and creatively like Leos do. On the other hand, Leo can be too much focused on loving themselves which can make it impossible for them to understand their Aquarius partner. Even when these two know how they feel for one another, their ego may prevent them for achieve deep intimacy.

Aquarius and Leo Emotional Compatibility

Wondering how do Aquarius and Leo get along on an emotional level given their different views on love? It wouldn’t be a mistake if we say they’re perfectly compatible emotionally. Despite all of their differences, Leo can make Aquarius feel love like they’ve never felt before. This is not only due to Leo’s unique and intense kind of love they selflessly give, but also because Aquarius usually don’t open up to these emotions. Leo’s love leaves no one indifferent, so Aquarius will feel free to throw their cold heart into the lion’s arms. Jealousy, however, could mess things up for them very quickly and easily. Leo is flirtatious by nature and Aquarius treats everyone the same way they treat their Leo partner. Unless they learn how to control their jealousy outbursts, their emotions can easily fade away.

Aquarius and Leo Sexual Compatibility

As two opposing signs, the sexual chemistry between these two signs is off the charts. Leo and Aquairus sexually make one of the best matches in the zodiac, as their differences perfectly complete each other’s desires. The proud and confident Leo is always being who they are, even in their sexual encounters, which Aquarius finds liberating and exciting. The sex life of these two strong individuals will be a whole new experience for both. Warm, passionate and sensual, yet liberating, experimental and creative, there’s no way for these two to ever leave the bed unsatisfied. Mental stimulation is of course very important for Aquarius and it can be a big turn on. With Leo, though, rest assured it will be met, maybe even exceeded. Aquarius and Leo can form an unbreakable strong intimate bond through their physical experiences.

Aquarius and Leo Marriage Compatibility

Where there is Aquarius, there’s uncertainty. Marriage is not an idea they keep close at heart, because for them it means end of their independent days. But that doesn’t have to be the case when they have a Leo partner who also wants to keep their freedom and independence after the wedding vows. These big thinkers and visionairies will need to do a lot of thinking before they get to this stage, but when they do, it means they’ve thought it through and they can do it 100%. And when Aquarius and Leo marriage happens, that’s one that can last a lifetime. These two can both be utterly commited, loyal and faithful, and they surely know how to keep the spark alive. The only two obstacles are to learn how to handle their differences and to learn how to support each other in the pursuit of their dreams.

Aquarius and Leo Trust and Communication

Trust is going to be a big challenge to handle for these two, unless it’s a Aquarius and Leo friendship that converted into a relationship naturally. Even though they are both loyal, they are also stubborn and don’t accept other people’s perspectives. Aquarius may be too turned to their intellectual and human awareness for Leo, who on the other hand, may be focused on irrelevant issues for Aquarius’ point of view. This may easily create mistrust and that’s where their hard work on understanding and respecting each other should step in.

Communication between two opposing and especially dynamic signs with a will-do attitude is going to be exciting and fulfilling. They are both lovers of mental stimulation and they will spark each other’s interest without even trying. The energy these two radiate when together is making other people want to join in not to discuss whatever they’re discussing so passionately, but only to be a part of their energy field. The best aspect in the communication between Aquarius and Leo is the freedom both feel to just be who they are and express their thoughts loud and clear.

Aquarius and Leo Shared Values

Individuality and authenticity are two equally important values for these two. As strong personalities as they both have, Aquarius and Leo always know exactly what they want. They both like challenges and they will find it amusing to set challenges and goals for them in their relationship. Truth being told, there are not many things that these two agree upon. But knowing they are with someone who has a strong personality is surely enough for them both. When together, Aquarius and Leo will indulge themselves into all sorts of activities. Aquarius’ constant need for change and novelty and Leo’s will-do power and creativity puts these two into an adventurous relationship.

So, do Aquarius and Leo go together ? While these two surely have their own small list of differences, Aquarius and Leo make a great match with huge potential for the long haul. Air fuells Fire and keeps it going, much like Aquarius fulfills Leo in ways no other signs can and vice versa.