Aquarius and Aries

When Aquarius and Aries come together in a romantic relationship, you get an impression of a perfect couple that knows how to have fun. There is only one result when fire gets in contact with air: explosion. The Aries-Aquarius explosion can easily go both ways, but more often than not, it is an explosion that makes both of them feel more alive than ever. Both of them are independent individuals and they both need a lot of space to grow. The good thing is they can easily understand that at each other and let each other have their space. Their relationship is going to be creative, fun, exciting, adventurous, competitive and simply electrifying. They share a huge desire for traveling and adventures, so they can never get bored or run out of energy exploring the world. The Aries is as much as of a thinker and innovator as the Aquarius, though in different ways. Together, these two make a great team. Furthermore, both of them have a natural tendency to help each other and when accepted gracefully (and most of the time it is), their bond will benefit. If one were to wonder do Aquarius and Aries go together , let’s say that Aquarius is simply the most compatible sign for Aries of all 12 zodiac signs. Continue reading to find out how do Aquarius and Aries get along .

Aquarius and Aries Love and Romance

These two people have equally strange ways of handling emotions and they both tend to appear detached from reality. Both Aquarius and Aries have an understanding of one another’s unique, adventurous and fun view on life and so they can perfectly complement each other’s life. The Aries never runs out of energy and ideas, and so does the Aquarius. The Ram have a tendency to get bossy into the relationship and although Aquarius doesn’t necessarily likes to follow rules or orders, their mutual understanding for each other will allow them to work as a team. Since both of them have unconventional ways of expressing love, Aquarius and Aries will often show their affection for one another through surprise trips, various conversations and a variety of random daily acts. Furthermore, both zodiac signs are enthusiastic, experimental and love making surprises. Needless to say, Aquarius and Aries romantic relationship is one of the best zodiac relationships there are.

Aquarius and Aries Emotional Compatibility

While decoding an Aquarius and Aries friendship is rather easy, romantic relationship between these two is a real challenge. When Aquarius and Aries first meet, there will instantly be an initial attraction as they both like offbeat humor, sharp wit and playful lines. As they go along, they will soon find dazzled by each other’s unique views on the world and life. But when it comes to emotions, these two may experience some problems. Aries wants to know how Aquarius feels, but the water bearer is known for his tendency to keep their emotions well-hidden within themselves, thinking their acts show it all. That’s when Aries can get easily frustrated. Compared to Aquarius, Aries is more likely to enter into a serious relationship, simply because they like risks and challenges. The thinker would rather think the relationship through before committing. However, nothing can get in the way of these two lovers once they click on an emotional level.

Aquarius and Aries Sexual Compatibility

The Aquarius and Aries sexual compatibility is on a level far beyond average, so there won’t be any shortage of excitement and fun in the bedroom. They are both interested in trying everything at least once. Their sexual experiences will definitely be out of this world, as they both have a plenty of energy and there is a powerful natural sexual chemistry right from the start. While sensuality and emotions may be missing in the bedroom, there are certainly many ways Aquarius and Aries can satisfy each other. Their similarities in their personalities will contribute to making their sexual compatibility better. Since they are both experimental and love improvising, Aquarius and Aries are bound to have wild times in and out of the bedroom. There is a slight possibility that both of them will find themselves lacking emotions, but there surely is a way these two naturally sexually compatible individuals can work it out.

Aquarius and Aries Marriage Compatibility

Aquarius and Aries both need some time to enter into a serious relationship, but once they do, they are loyal to the bone. Although they are both known for their big egos, when controlled to a normal level, these two individuals can have a long-lasting relationship which can lead to the wedding bells. Since they both have unique ideas on the world, it will take some time before they synchronize and when they do, there’s foundation for a fulfilling marriage. Thanks to their elemental compatibility as air adds to fire, and fire heats and moves air, their marriage will be highly dynamic and absolutely unpredictable. For perfect Aquarius and Aries marriage compatibility, the Ram will need to temper their desire to control their partner and understand their partner’s need for space, while the Water-bearer will have to make sure they express their genuine emotions and that their loyalty and trust is never compromised under any circumstances. When even the slightest things are taken care of, Aquarius and Aries are on the path of sharing a wonderful, ever-lasting journey together.

Aquarius and Aries Trust and Communication

Both Aquarius and Aries have trust issues, which is why they understand each other perfectly and know how much they need to work to set a solid foundation. While they both long for independence, freedom and adventures, they both desire a partner who can understand them without much effort wasted on explaining themselves. Aries, ruled by Mars, needs to be the only one in their partner’s life and that can sometimes turn them into possessive, obsessive and controlling partner, which could of course scare off the Aquarius who hates feeling suffocated just as much as any Aries. Aside from that, Aquarius and Aries are very likely to earn the trust in each other in the initial stage of their relationship as they both value honesty.

The electrifying conversations between an Aries and an Aquarius can be so inviting that many other people will feel drawn to join in and be a part of it. They are genuinely excited about one another’s unique ideas and it’s so easy for them to find something to talk about. Mundane is definitely a stranger to these two. Another great thing is that they both don’t like taking things personally but would rather joke about and laugh on just everything. Due to their strong and opinionated personalities, Aquarius and Aries may often find themselves fighting and in conflict. Nevertheless, their strong chemistry and mutual admiration will allow them to easily get through it.

Aquarius and Aries Shared Values

In addition to their great conversations, emotional, sexual and marriage compatibility, Aquarius and Aries value same things too. They equally value honesty, loyalty and freedom. With Aries determination and Aquarius vision, these two can achieve all goals they set their minds to. They share the same passion to be constantly on the move and they both want to travel the world. They are not many things this highly energetic cannot do. The only thing they cannot do is stay at home and do nothing. Due to their incredible compatibility, an Aries-Aquarius couple is often a source of envy for other people. Although there is no concrete answer to the question what is the best match for a Aries , it’s safe to at least say that Aquarius is as close to being the best as possible.